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  1. Thanks Russ, That makes a lot more sense. While the duplicate feature seems great, it seems like the "backup" option is a much more reliable feature. -When you say that the backup is on "our network," what do you mean by that? Isn't the data just stored on my drive...not a network? -Does the data compress or something when it runs the "backup?" -By running the "backup," that's all I need to do to fully backup the drive, right? I.e. If my internal hard drive shuts down, everything up to the last time I backed up with be properly stored on my external drive, right? Thanks again for all of the help with this!!!!
  2. Thank you so much for your responses- it's extremely helpful. I read the links you suggested, and if my understanding is correct, the "Duplicate" feature using the "Replace Entire Disk" selection is a much better option because: a) It will "not re-copy any files that are identical to files already on the destination drive"...so it won't take so much time to copy the files- it will just copy the new/changed files. If I delete a file on my internal hard drive, it will indirectly be deleted from the external drive when I "duplicate" the next time because it creates an exact duplicate. c) I will be able to access my files on the external drive, using the Mac finder format...not just view them via the "database" you were talking about. (and plug the drive into another computer that doesn't have the Retrospect Express software, and be able to access my files) Is my understanding correct? If so, it seems the that "Duplicate" selection is much better than "Backup"...am I missing something?
  3. Hi Russ, I guess I'm still a bit confused. Yes, I did a "backup." I have a Mac, which I guess is unfortunate that I cannot perform the "grooming," but in that case, can I just go directly into the external drive and delete the file(s) directly? 1) If so, how do I delete items directly from the external hard drive? 2) What is the difference between the "duplicate" and the "backup?" My main objective is to make sure my files on my internal drive are backed up appropriately, and I do like how Retrospect has the function which recognizes just the files that have changed or are new, and only backs those up. But can it do that with the "duplicate?" What would be the best option for me to do? It sounds like you're saying that the "backup" option doesn't give me full access to my files...is that correct? 3) How do I view the files using the snapshot feature?
  4. I recently backed up my entire hard drive on my Mac on my My Book Pro external hard drive using EMC Retrospect Express. I changed some files around and when I backed up again, it appropriately updated just the files that changed. But I have since deleted some files on my internal drive, that I want to be similarly deleted from the backup on the external drive. I ran another backup, and it didn't seem to process this: 1) How do I delete a file on my internal drive and have it delete on my external drive when I run the next backup? 2) What is the best way to view my files that currently sit on my external drive after they have been backed up (to confirm if something is there or if it's been deleted, etc.) ? When I go to my Mac view finder, I just see 2 back up files. I know that all of my hard drive files are there because the disk has been depleted, but I can't see a list of all of the files. I don't necessarily need to see the catalog of what I backed up on each back up session. I just want a comprehensive list of what sits in the external drive. If anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it!! Thanks!!!! -Scott