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  1. I made a huge mistake and don't know how to fix it. I had a limit set on my main drive that I use as my media set. When I went to backup, it said it was full so I selected a different drive to backup to. This is my system drive and was meant to be a temporary holding place. It put the backup on the top level of the drive where you aren't supposed to store anything. I have since expanded the allowable capacity on my original backup drive and would like to continue appending to the original set rather than create a new member on the original drive. 1. Is there a way to do this? 2. Is there a way to merge members so that the ones on two different disks could be one member on the same disk? Two members on the same disk would be ok if there is no way to merge. 3. What happens when my drive reaches capacity? I always want access to the whole media set. Is there a way to move members to a new drive? I've used Retrospect for years and ever since 8 it's been a nightmare. I never had these issues before. The documentation & changes in terminology are terrible. It should not be this complicated to backup one drive to another. Please help. My whole backup scheme is completely screwed up now and I don't want to keep backing up to random places. TIA
  2. Are optical drives working in the 8.2 Beta? I need to be able to use dvds for backing up. I can not get 8.1 to work with any optical drive including ones that are officially "qualified." These are known working devices for other tasks. I've turned on "optical device support" as described in the knowledge base article. Retro sees the drives but doesn't recognize when media is loaded. It just keeps asking for media. I'm using high quality Verbatim DVD-DL s. It doesn't even spin the discs. It's like Retro can't control the drive at all. I've tried all I can think of but really do not have any more time to try and get this broken POS software to work. If someone's got this working in 8.2 that's all I need to know. TIA REALLY SICK OF THIS CRAP!!!! MacPro 2x 2.6 Xeon, 3GB Ram, 10.6.3, LaCie DVD 16x ext firewire burner as well as stock burner (which I know the latter is NOT qualified - more ridiculousness). Retro 8.1.626 RDU 8.1113
  3. Ok, so I found the thread that addresses my above problem but I can't get an optical drive to work. I've tried both the internal which does not seem to be compatible (TOTALLY ridiculous and unacceptable that the stock config doesn't work) but I've also tried an external firewire which IS listed as compatible (LaCie 16x DVD-R) and still doesn't work. I can see both drives in the media window, I've added a dvd to the media set but when I load it, I just get the flashing question mark and it says it needs media. Retrospect doesn't seem to have any control over the drive at all. The Retro engine IS running. Can anyone help? Are optical drives working in the 8.2 Beta? Sorry, but I need to move on with my life and my client so I will be double posting in another forum. TIA
  4. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help. I've found the "Enable Optical Device Support" article here http://kb.dantz.com/display/2n/articleDirect/index.asp?aid=9720&r=0.1147882 but the instructions are incorrect at least for me. I'm running a MacPro 2.66 Quad Core Xeon with 10.6.3 Retrospect 8.1.626 and RDU 8.11103 The instructions say to go to /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/RetrospectEngine.bundle/Contents/MacOS/retro.ini But that's not what I have available. The RetrospectEngine.bundle is not something that can be opened, at least not on my system. Instead, the retro.ini which is what the article says needs to be edited is sitting right in the /Library/Application Support/Retrospect folder. Also, when I open retro.ini there is no "DisableOpticalDrivers setting" as it states in the article. Instead I have this: [Options] HideIcon=0 [Devices] Ignore1="DELL VCD" Ignore2="DELL VIRTUAL CDROM" [OEM] EditionOEM=0 Can anyone tell me what I'm supposed to do here? It doesn't seem like any of this applies to my optical drive. Why is a Dell anything in there? Almost seems like a windows RDU is installed or something but that's not what I downloaded. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance to the end users who provide support to these forums!! As a total aside - RANT WARNING!!! In case anyone from EMC reads these forums, YOU REALLY SCREWED UP WITH THE 8x RELEASE FOR MAC. I'm a professional user and have been for 10 years. I'm beyond pissed at how obviously greedy and shortsighted you've been in releasing a basically UNUSABLE product that people rely on. SHAME ON YOU.
  5. jenetic

    Migrating from 6.1 to 8

    I just saw the "unsupported" post below. So do I get my money back now since I'm supposed to carry on using my old software? I'm only backing up my own work, not a whole office. I'm in the middle of a project and just upgraded computers so I thought I'd be current and upgrade Retrospect too. I haven't even used it yet, just bought today. I'm calling CSR. This is BEYOND STUPID!
  6. I just upgraded to retrospect 8.1 (626) from 6.1. I know the terminology has changed and have read the "changes" sticky. It seems like the 6.1 storage catalogs can not be read by the new software. Meaning the doc that was saved as the catalog file not the backup set itself. Is this true? So the only option is to rebuild from the media set? REALLY?! If so, that SUCKS! Please someone tell me there's a better way. There's no way I'm rebuilding all the catalog information. I know in the new features it says that v8 can now rebuild an entire catalog from the last member of the set only, but does that include sets that were created with earlier versions of Retrospect? What is the point of backup software with crippled backward compatibility? Please help. TIA
  7. Thanks for your relevant helpful suggestions Russ. I've started a new backup set and so far it's working as it should. So I still think that something corrupted the catalog file once I had my initial media problem and it just continued from there. Anyone who wants to argue with me about having a bad batch can do so but based on my experience with Retrospect, this drive and my current brand of media, I'm going with it being a software snafu. I stayed with the latest RDU as well. Thanks again - you actually were helpful even though you hadn't experienced this exact scenario before.
  8. Thank you very much. It doesn't look like I need it now but good to have available. Thanks.
  9. I'm trying to find an old driver update for retrospect 6.1 on the mac. I'm looking for the RDU and when I do a search it takes me to a windows page in Chinese. Can you please provide a working link? Where are the older RDUs archived? TIA
  10. Thanks. I thought the same - that I should just create a new backup set and see what happens. I didn't want to start over but it may be the only way to figure out what is going on. In checking capacity, there are 6 members in this set. The first is 8GB and then I did switch brands of media which I had trouble with. From there on out it shows 1GB even though these were also DL disks just a different brand. On disk #5 I switched again but I'm still only getting 1gb. That's why I was thinking Retro was in some strange mode where it thinks the media is still only 1GB because of the bad stuff I had used for #2-#4 and/or that the catalog had been corrupted. The other obvious thing is that this is also media that the drive and/or retrospect doesn't like. I'll try starting over and see what happens.
  11. The burner isn't old. It's not the original. I upgraded it less than a year ago. I'm going to do a burn with the same media using different software and see what happens. I'll post then.
  12. Quote: What is "quality DVD+R DL media", exactly? And I'm not very intersetd in what's printed on the box, I want the "media ID". http://www.digitalfaq.com/media/dvdmedia.htm And why don't you want tips about saving money? I welcome such tips any time, EVEN if they don't help with my immediate problem. I don't need your tips on saving money. I'm the biggest bargain hunter around. I'm paying 13 cents/GB. Is that cheap enough for you? I could still get DVD-r cheaper but I would have to sit here and feed them to the drive. With DL I can put in a disk and go do something else. I'm not doing incremental backups of my internal drive. I'm backing up higher capacity storage on a per project basis. It's presumptuous of you to think you know my situation better than I do. Can we stick to what this forum is about? Saving money is not the topic. I don't have the pq codes right now but that's not the problem anyway.
  13. Okay, neither of these replies are helpful. I need to use DL media for the amount of data I backup. It's still cheaper than buying tape and an AIT drive especially if you buy it like I do. Why do people think they know your situation better than you know it yourself? Who are you to tell me I shouldn't use DL? Are you paying for it? If it's all about cost than I shouldn't be using Macs either and neither should you. Secondly, I am now using quality DVD+R DL media. This is a software issue. I have not had this issue in the past with this particular media during other backups i.e. other storage sets. Please re-read my original question. Retrospect sees that these are DL media it just isn't writing anywhere near capacity. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, how did you resolve it? Please DON'T make suggestions that don't regard fixing the problem. "Use something else" does not fix the problem.
  14. I'm using Retrospect Desktop on a Powerbook G4 1.25 ghz, 1.25 GB Ram, OS 10.4.9, Retro v 6.1.126 RDU with a built-in Pioneer dvr-k05. This is a qualified device. I'm trying to continue a backup to a storage set that was started on a different computer. When it was started, the other computer had trouble with the media I was using and would only write a certain amount of data before it had errors. Now on this other computer with another brand of DL media, Retrospect will only write about 2gb per DL disk. No errors are indicated it's just acting as though the disk is full. Is this a catalog problem? Can it only write 2gb per disk cause that's what got written to the other disks in the set? I'm burning DL coasters here. How can I fix this? Should I try to repair the catalog or throw everything out and start over? I don't really want to do that but I also don't want to keep burning DL disks and only ending up with 2gb on each. I should be able to complete this backup with 3 DL disks total and I'm already on #7. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. TIA