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  1. kahlen problems

    Retrospect Single Sever on WS2012 R2 and the Retrospect Client is on latest Win10. It hangs on any client it can't find so I makes me think that its something with the server. I'm using the private/public key security to authorize the clients. Maybe this could be something??
  2. kahlen problems

    Yes, my server will continue to search indefinitely for a missing client running the matching sever/client version 15.5.0 (179). When you cancel the job it will never quit the job. I then go to File - Quit to restart Restrospect and it will never close. You then have to just go kill the Retrospect process that is not responding.
  3. The time it was going to take to move the data from the spare hard drive to the right one was going to take a long time. I ended up running a recycled immediate backup. After I rest set the backup I was able to remove the spare hard drive from being a member of the scheduled backup set.
  4. kahlen

    Backup using duplicate

    error 1102 drive missing/unavailable might be from your USB (if you are using one) power management settings. device manager > your destination drive > right click properties > power management tab some setting like never power off should be in there. I don't know about t
  5. I didn't have the correct backup set on hand, so I used a empty external USB WD drive and just made it a member of the set. Now I have the correct Drive how can I transfer the data for the second disk to the true set so i can forget the member I added to the set. Retrospect 7.0 for Windows has in the tools menu a Transfer backup sets tool for copying files from one backup set to another but you can only transfer files to different backup sets and to different member of the same set. can I manually move the .rdb to the correct backup set?