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  1. I reported the same thing in another thread. It seems that the backups are great. I've never had any trouble recovering from a file I deleted. Over the years, I have had a great deal of difficulty recovering disks on machines other than the ones they were written on. Denser disks (DVDs) seem to be impossible to move.
  2. I have been doing this since I got my 15" Al Powerbook two years ago. The only down side I've found is that they can only be restored on a similar or better drive (e.g., a later model Powerbook).
  3. Quote: Quote: It seems that the Mini won't recognize the DVDs writted on the Powerbook. Can you be more specific please? - What exactly are you doing? - What exactly are you seeing when you do it? Sorry for the delay, I gave up on restoring information from backups and recreated it based on a clone. My 15" Al Powerbook motherboard failed suddenly a few months ago. I had a number of backup sets that I could recover critical data from. I tried copying the software (Retrospect 6.1) over to my Mini. The first set of backup disks weren't recognized as they were DVD-RWs. The second set were DVD-Rs. There weren't recognized either. The drive in the Mini will normally read DVD-Rs written in the Powerbook. It looks like I'm stuck with the lowest common denominator (CD-Rs).
  4. My Powerbook died, and I need to restore my backup, or parts of it onto another machine (a Mini). It seems that the Mini won't recognize the DVDs writted on the Powerbook. Is this a limitation or a fault of the software?
  5. Does this also work with 5.1 Desktop version? The license claims are the same (2 clients).
  6. Is there any way to share these discovered settings? I spent 2 hours last night configuring this using a CD-RW only to find that it won't read a DVD-RW. I have spent another two hours with a DVD-RW. It has forgotten about CD-RWs now.
  7. I finally found some light at the end of the tunnel. It appears that my LaCie drive (24x10x40x U&I) using the same drive mechanism (Teac CD-W524E) now appears to work. I have the latest Retrospect Desktop v5.0 patches plus the 2.9 updater. The drive is not listed in the compatibility list, but some similar versions are. Toast, iTunes, and the finder also work. I'm finally happy with the drive 8 months after I got it.
  8. Irene, Is there anything that experienced users might be able to do to help advance your testing. I, personally, would be willing to do some testing and spend some money on coasters if it would help.
  9. The original poster's question was simple, but you seem to cut and paste the same answer over and over. I thought that the question was "Can I be notified by email when my device is supported?". It is really a simple yes/no answer. The follow up question is "Does Dantz have a plan on which devices they will support in future?". If the answer is no, I really should look for a better option....
  10. From what I can see, option 1 is a non starter. I checked about a third of the drives listed against the manufacturer's web pages. Guess what, they are no longer manufactured. Option 2 is worse as I would not spend $3000 to use a $79 piece of software. Can Dantz provide a schedule for the next batch of drives to be supported? If they can't, I think that the best approach is to call customer service and ask for my money back. They have consistently removed support for all of the backup drives I have used over the past six months since I bought it.
  11. The information from the Drive status page is: ID: Firewire-A Vendor: TEAC Product: CD-W524E Version: 1.0B Driver: TEAC CD-RW(1.50) My drive is also a LaCie 24x10x40 CD-RW. I did look through the compatibility list before buying it. Virtually none of the drives you listed are manufactured any more. Further, most of them are not compatible with the burning capability in MacOS X.
  12. The URL in my last post was lost. It was http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=compatibility_list_detail&id=344 I'm running the latest Retrospect 5.0.205 on MacOS X.
  13. I have the same problem, but contrary to your comment, the drive IS listed as compabible on your web site (ref ). Also you do have several other Teac based drives listed here. Further, the software RECOGNIZES the drive in the devices window and says it will work. When can we expect the drive to be supported?