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  1. It is the latest version of Retrospect Desktop. The Atto card is new and contains the latest firmware. They can fileshare to the Drobo all day without problem. Haven't tried backing up to a different device. Could the Drobo be sleeping when the backup starts and it just hangs the G4?
  2. I have a client that has a PowerMac G4 running 10.4.11 backing up to a LTO 2 drive using an Atto UL4D. They are using a Drobo via a FW800 card installed into the G4. Im using the latest version of Retrospect and driver update. Everytime they try and backup it either hangs the Mac or gets stuck and won't do anything without force quitting Retrospect. Anyone have any issue with a Drobo or got any other thoughts.
  3. Retrospect v 6.1.126 Mac OS X Server 10.4.10 Quantum LTO2 I have set up an easy script to backup Monday - Friday, 4 folders on the server. It is performing a recycle backup every day, so any tape can just be put in. The script functions and everything looks fine. When looking through the log there seems to be a problem with what Retrospect has backed in terms of folder size compared to the actual folder size. Example: Retro log: Folder A 99.9GB Folder B 8.6GB Folder C 4.2GB Folder D 3.2GB Get info: Folder A 99.9GB Folder B 14.3GB Folder C 4.2GB Folder D 3.2GB I can't see a reason why if the other folders grow, they get bigger in the backup log apart from Folder B. If I make it much bigger, the log stays the same. The really weird thing is if I perform an immediate backup of Folder B, Retrospect sees the correct size of the folder. Any idea's