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    Windows 7.6 Server - Extremely Slow

    Jeff, check the DNS settings on your server to make sure they're correct. Also, if there are any computers that you can "forget", I would do so.
  2. I couldn't agree more. I'm doing some cleanup right now of old workstation backups. What a painstakingly sloooowwwww process. }
  3. fgs

    Retrospect 8 for Windows

    That's going in my Bookmarks! Thanks Russ!
  4. fgs

    Retrospect 8 for Windows

    Just curious what the status on version 8 for Windows is? Development started? I keep seeing updates for the Mac, but nothing for Windows. Don't you guys like us anymore :confused:
  5. I upgraded to v7.6.123 w/ driver update & hot fix v7.6.2.101 and now Vista is backed up properly.
  6. Psion, I am experiencing the same problem. This is what I'm running: MultiServer v. 7.6.111 Driver Update and Hot Fix, v. Host: Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition with Service Pack 2 The PC I'm trying to backup is running Vista Ultimate x64 with Service Pack 2. When using the "Special Folders" selector condition for "documents", not all documents that should be backed up are actually getting backed up. I have exclusions in place for music, movies, pictures, *.pst, & *.iso... and it correctly does not back these up. However, it is not grabbing files with other extensions (like MS Office documents).
  7. fgs

    useability changes

    That scrolling feature would be awesome. It's so hard to look through that list when it keeps moving around on you.
  8. No. We do brick layer and Storage Group backups of Exchange and neither one uses data compression. How would compression increase the size of the data copied to the backup?
  9. I've received this error a couple more times since the last time I posted about it. Restarting the Exchange server works, but I get it again a few days later. It seems to be happening after my Storage Group backup runs out of space and can't groom anything out, so I have to stop the script. It really gets annoying for a bunch of people (including myself) when I have to restart the email server one night a week. I've tried just restarting the Retrospect Client service on Exchange, but that didn't allow it to work. I've also tried closing Retrospect and re-opening it (even though it appears to be a client side error)... still no go. FYI... my Storage Group is 81GB. I have the backup set size set to 550GB. Groom to remove backups older than 3. With this setup I would think that it would never be able to reach the 550GB with 3 backups @ 81GB a piece. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I was able to reboot my Exchange server last night after receiving this error lately and now my backups are running normal again.
  11. jriggin, did this solve your problem? I am experiencing the same error messages.
  12. I have 4 different backup servers (each at a separate location) all running Multi Server 7.5.508 with Driver Update and Hot Fix version on Windows Server 2003 machines. On this past Monday, all 4 started giving me an error 2010 (no source volumes specified) on each of their Exchange brick-layer backups. We run this backup to disk daily and I've been getting this error every day since Monday on each. It's really odd that this would suddenly happen on 4 different servers backing up completely different Exchange servers all on the same day. There were no errors with these scripts prior to this. On each server I have "Exchange Mailboxes on ExchangeServer" selected as the source for the script and selecting "All Files". One more thing I just noticed... When I go to Volumes > ExchangeServer > Properties and click on the Volumes tab (on each of my 4 Exchange servers) I get a message saying "Can't track volumes, error 3402 (unknown)". After clicking OK, the volumes tab displays as normal with "Client Sources: Selected Volumes" and the C drive, D drive, First Storage Group, and Exchange Mailboxes selected. Any help would be appreciated as there is nothing in the error codes knowledgebase for error codes 2010 or 3402. Thanks.
  13. That's what I was afraid of, but just thought I'd check anyways. Thanks for the quick reply.
  14. I recently added another selector for a backup set to exclude a certain file type (all *.9* files). I would also like to get rid of all files of this type from the backup set. Is it possible to purge or forget just files with this extension? Or is the only way to get rid of them to forget the snapshots that they are a part of (along with all the other files backed up there)? Obviously I don't want to lose anything more than I have to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I just started comparing times with other logs of mine and realized that other servers lost connectivity at this same time. Turns out a backbone cable in the server room was swapped out during this time. That would explain the error 1216, followed immediately by the other errors. Once the link came up again, normal mailbox backups resumed as well. Moral of the story is: don't lose network communication by having a lack of human communication.