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  1. Hi All. Running Retrospect 7.6 and want to back up our Xserve 10.4 as well. What client do I use on the Xserve? 6.2.234 ? thanks Stuart
  2. Can someone tell me what Retrospects version of Synthetic backups are? Snapshop transfers? Backupset transfers? Remember seeing it somewhere in some documentation but cant locate it now.
  3. To locate tapes from the safe I have to do a screen snap of the members of a backupset to find them. We use barcodes so cant write on them.
  4. The ability to have more then 1 backup stream running through the same Retrospect client to speed up backups of large drives. Also would mean to have the ability to write to the same backup set by more then one stream. Would speed up the backups big time of our large data servers.
  5. We have 2 Quantum LTO3 autoloaders. When transferring data from 1 backupset to another on the second drive unit we get "device not ready" and the second loader disappears from Retrospect 7.5 and also from the windows environment. Device manager does not see it. I have to turn off everything and restart it all for the autoloader to come back. There is nothing in event logs for Windows. When it comes back under media changers it was a exclamation mark and I have to delete and scan for changes. Only appears to happen if writing from 1 drive to another. We can write to each of them concurrently and that also appears to be ok. xTalk says there are no problems with either device or SCSI setup. Anyone seen this before? Win2003 SP 2. Both on the same SCSI chain with no other SCSI devices attached.
  6. backing up to the above and had 5 out of the 9 Quantum tapes tagged as bad media. Am assuming that this is not normal. The tapes are only 9 months old and some only used once. Have done a long erase, moved the autoloader and backup server away from other machines, cleaned the drive, backup to disk is fine etc etc etc. Not all the tapes do it so do I just have a bad batch of tapes? Anyone else experienced this?
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    Feature Requests

    Multiplexing - enable to write more then one client to the same tape at the same time. Would speed up backups considerably. Other products do it. Also currently the client is locked when in use so cant even backup say another subvol on the same client to another device. When you have 1tb data on one client this backup can take nearly all night before it starts on the other servers. Also reports that say which tapes can be removed and what tapes are needed each day, week etc. thanks