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    Exporting settings to move to another computer?

    Yes, you're right, I should have added that information, sorry. However, the answer looks good at least - thanks! By the way, I'd looked for this in the Help system that comes with Retrospect, but didn't notice it. It's in there too. You just had to know where to look. Thanks! Keith
  2. Hi, was wondering if it's possible to export Retrospect settings in preparation to upgrading to a new computer? I'm talking about the list of volumes etc. Or do you have to set it all up again? Thanks, Keith
  3. Hi My daily backup onto a flash drive won't execute any more because Retrospect says the backup size (15 gig) is too large for the space on the disk, even though this is a recycle backup. That is the case, but the amount of data to be backed up never used to be so large. Obviously, buried somewhere in what's about to be backed up, are some new large files. Is there any way to see what size Retrospect estimates each volume at, so I know where to look in my file system? This is Windows XP, Retrospect 7.5.387. I've looked at all the directory systems corresponding to the volumes, through Windows Explorer, and none of them seem to be over large. Thanks!
  4. brokenwhole

    "please select the backup set member" when restoring

    Hi, this is driving me crazy. I was delayed in continuing to move to my new hard disk. Did a final back up on old disk, copied the catalogs, and they get recognized by Retrospect. The backup sets ARE in exactly the same location because they're on a removable drive. Thanks,Keith
  5. brokenwhole

    "please select the backup set member" when restoring

    Well, I made the backup on one PC (actually the same PC as I'm using now but a different hard-drive - I'm restaging my laptop with a new hard-drive). I copied the backup set to my new hard-drive, and copied the catalog. It can obviously read the catalog, otherwise it wouldn't be able to let me choose snapshots and directories from which to restore. Do you think I actually do need to recatalog on the new drive?
  6. Hi, I'm trying to do a restore from a disk backup. The backup was made to an external hard-drive from a different PC. I copied the catalog file, and Retrospect can read it fine - it shows me the snapshots, lets me pick files to restore. But when everything is ready to go, it comes up with a dialog saying ""please select the backup set member". First, why is it asking me for that when I already gave it the catalog? Anyway, I browse down into the location of the backup sets, but I really don't know what I'm looking for, and, in any case, there's no OK button on the dialog. Please see attachment showing the "open" button greyed out when I browse down to the directory containing the rdb files. Thanks, Keith P.s. I'm positive it's not a permissions/security issue, or a file corruption problem.
  7. brokenwhole

    Restore operation does not list some new files in snapshot

    Thanks, but that won't address the question of the problems with the incremental backup. I can't do a full backup each time.
  8. I made an incremental backup of a drive which I knew contained at least two new directories of files. When I looked at the backup report, I was confused that it said: "No files need to be copied." Perhaps that is standard and doesn't mean anything, but I needed to check. So I decided to attempt to initiate a backup restore operation so that I could see what files were in the snapshot. Surely the new directories should be in the snapshot, right? But only one of the new directories was there. Can anybody explain this? This is Retrospect version 7.5.508 on Windows XP Service pack 2. Screen snapshots are screen snapshots . Many thanks! Keith
  9. brokenwhole

    how to add a volume to a backup set

    This seems like it should be an obvious capability, so maybe I'm just missing it. I'd like to include a newly defined volume in a backupset, but I can't find anyway of doing it, apart from recreating the backupset. In other words, I'd expect their to be an interface where I can choose my backup set name, and then get an editable list of which volumes get backed up in that backup set. But I don't find such an interface. Thanks, Keith