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  1. I can't believe Retrospect has made no provision for this problem!
  2. Unfortunately, the backup restore function seems to be problematic, so for the eighty and change I spent for the program, I'll stay with the duplicate for now. Waiting for new Apple system software. What I can't believe is that this company made no adjustments for server versions and restorations Thanks
  3. Russ, I had been warned by other users about problems with Retrospect and I now understand their concerns. I'm switching to "duplicate." Thanks.
  4. Russ, Thanks for your response. I did use the installer and Disk Utility but to no avail, it couldn't repair the disk. Should I try to reinstall Retrospect as you suggested? Thanks, Allen
  5. Got a message when trying to implement full disk restore: "Sorry Retrospect Prep failed error -24161 Catalog version is too new.
  6. At what point in the second snapshot do I uses the browser menu? Thanks
  7. Thanks for your response. In the "Restore files from a backup" are the files that have changed in the interim between the backups the only ones placed in the folder. Thanks
  8. I need help with the restore process and a corrupted but still operating OS X 10.4.10 system. I have two snap shots that are useable. The older one contains a viable operating system, the new more recent backed up files but no operating system , They are both on a external hard drive. If I use Retrospect's bootable CD how could I install the backed up operating system and files? Thanks A. Stone