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  1. You guys might have drives that require the newer drivers... Sounds like they are aware they have an issue with the drivers and hopefully will have that cured in the next upgrade. Good luck, I know how sucky it is.
  2. There is a cure!! I started a new thread, and it finally got to the heart of the issue and a quick solution. It seems this has been a known issue with a easy cure for some time, yet nothing was shared in this thread. Basically they picked up the Bug when they added Blue Ray support to the driver pack. Solution is to use RDU 6.1.8. This can be downloaded from: http://download.dantz.com/archives/updates/rdu618101.dmg The other Thread: http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/99834/an/0/page/0#Post99834 Hope this helps you all out. My Imac Intel with 3 gigs is back to full working order with this RDU change. -Wayne
  3. You are the man!!! It is fixed. I'll post up in the other thread so the other folks that have been waiting for a solution know of this. Thanks!! -Wayne
  4. Quote: I believe 6.1.8 would be a good choice. I can't remember if the problem happens in 6.1.9 I had 6.1.9 and that did not work.. Will install my ram and give 6.1.8 a try. Thanks, -Wayne
  5. So are you saying if I use an OLD RDU I can use all of my RAM again? What version would you recommend? I'll start burning +R media in the future. Thanks!!
  6. Come on folks it has been months with this error that keeps Mac users from backing up or restoring to DVD-R media if you have 2 gigs or ram or more installed. I have years worth of DVD-R backups, so switching to +R is not a solution. We need a fix! I'm sure one of your programmers can cure the issue if you let him take a look at it. -Wayne
  7. Good to hear the +R is working for you. Kind of sounds like some sort of driver error for the -R format..? The bad news is for us folks that have years of -R backups that we have to restore from on a regular basis. I wish this would fix this ASAP. Very annoying pulling Ram out of my Mac. Would an external DVD drive cure this issue? -Wayne
  8. Quote: Quote: If 2 gigs or more, you might want to look for the 2 gigs issue thread. Perhaps, but as I understand the issue in the "2 gigs issue thread", it appears to be an issue that is limited to the iMac G5. The MacBook Pro is Intel based. Russ Nope.. I have the same issue on my Intel Imac with 3 gigs of ram. -Wayne
  9. How much memory you have in the Macbook Pro? If 2 gigs or more, you might want to look for the 2 gigs issue thread.
  10. After reading another topic, I wonder if the +R media will work with 2 gigs or more. I was reading a post where a MacbookPro user with 2 gigs was having the same issue, but when he switched over to +R it works fine. Russ, where you using +R? Anyone?
  11. Interesting.. I was going to suggest that you have the 2 gig issue since you have 2 gigs of ram.. I wonder if + media works for those of us stuck with the 2 gigs of ram issue.
  12. Was hoping to find a solution on here.. I have tried most of the recent drivers, etc. Still no worky with the full memory installed.. I really do not want to keep installing and removing my ram!! I wonder if the bug exists in older versions of the software..? Anyone find any clues to the issue?
  13. Thought I would add my 2 cents onto the pile. I have been using Retorspect since the beginning of time, or darn near. It has always had its quicks, but has performed well. Recently I noticed I was no longer able to get past inserting a DVD into the drive for Retrospect. I was amazed that a piece of Apple supplied hardware actually died. I haven't had any hardware from Apple die since an old hard drive in an SE-30. Further testing showed the DVD drive to be working just fine. I kept playing. I finally came to the conclusion that the software was the issue. So I did some google searches and find others reporting the same issue, and sure enough I recently took my Intel Imac up to the max of 3 gigs of ram. Hmm, lets pull one out the 2 gig module and see what happens. Sure enough retrospect is back to working. I have no plans of living with only 1 gig of ram. Sure hope they get this fixed soon. Regardless of what Russ wants to say, this is not a bad ram problem. For one thing, the software has not even started playing with ram when this bug pops up. It doesn't even get to a point where it recognizes the disks in the drive. Given enough time it will sometimes report that the media is not compatible, other times it just gets stuck and a force quit is required. Please fix this bug.