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  1. I am using Retrospect Pro 7.5 latest update running on a windows XP machine and also backing up a second on the the network. All backups are to a NAS drive. When I login as the Admin user and run Retrospect all is well. (Though sometimes my NAS has gone into sleep and Retrospect doesn't wait long enough.) However most of my work I do on a restricted account and so this is the one I am logged into most of the time. When Retrospect starts a scheduled task I get an error Trouble writing media: "1-<my backup set> error - 102(trouble communicating) I have set the security settings to run Retrospect as a selected user and that user is the Admin user. Any ideas?
  2. Does anyone know of any confilicts Retrospect 7.5 might have with the hardware or other software I am running. Most of my problems involve connecting to another PC running as a client but the software has been flakey other times too. I have managed to back up the PC the software is installed on and I have retrieved a couple of files but not done a full recover. I am running (latest version ) Retrospect 7.5 on a Windows XP (32 bit version, fully up to date) running on an AMD64 x2 processor on an Asus M2N32-SLI deluxe motherboard. Some of the motherboards extra features are dissabled. I run Zone Alarm (with ports 497 open) but I have tried turning this off on both PCs. I also have a Logitech webcam (which has caused problems with other programs in the past), but I have tried to kill any process due to this. I might try uninstalling it and trying again. All connections are wired Retrospect shows an egg timer but nothing ever happens. The processor time is negligable as is the network usage. Anyone had similar problems or got any ideas.
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    Difficulty adding a client

    How long should it take to add a client? I click add and then I get the hourglass for 30mins so far. I have Retrospect 7.5 Professional installed on an XP computer. It seems to work okay. I am now trying to back up another Windows XP machine. When I search for the client I see the name and then I click on it and 'Add' I see an hourglass and then nothing happens. If I kill retrospect the client has been added when I restart it, but it has the reserved problem. If I restart the service on the client PC I loose am still not able to click on the client. I have uninstalled Retrospect and reinstalled the latest version and too with the client. Both machines have zone alarm installed but I have recently been trying with this turned off on both machines. Windows Firewall/ IC sharing service is dissabled on both PCs. When I click Add on the Backup Clients Database I get 'Live Network' and then a list of Clients by Piton Name Service. There is one computer listed and this is a name I typed in the first time I tried to add the client (it had defaulted to the PC name). If I type the wrong password it tells me this is wrong and asks me to try again. When I enter the correct password. Retrospect seem to freeze. If prior to clicking the final Add I open the log viewer when I click Add it does say client 'Sarah' added. I am very new to this and would like any advice offered. Thanks