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    Trashbox - What is it?

    :taptap: The Trashbox is created by Buffalo Linkstation software. I had a 2TB NAS which I used with Rtrospect and it soon filled up. I had to go in and delete the Retrospect folder within the Trashbox folder which had 1.5 TBs of files I did not want. As Mr Mayoff poins out Retrospect does not create the Retrospect folder. Just delete it and then disable Recycle Bin in Shared Folders on the Buffalo Web Interface.
  2. larrywalker

    Offsite Disk Backup

    I currently use V7.5 MultiServer. I backup to a 1.5TB NAS Once a week, I back this up to 1 of 3 USB Harddrives which are taken off site. I have used both 'Backup' and 'Transfer Backup Set' which work well but take obviously take up a lot of space. I am now coming to the point where I will probably have to swap the USB drives for those with larger capacities to accomodat all the date. What is the recommended way of backing up data for taking iff site? Thanks for your help. Larry