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  1. - Retrospect Multiserver 7.5 for Windows - Installed on W2K server - Version 7.5.387 (Latest Update) - Fedora Core 5 = data backup My problem is i cannot exclude files and folders within the /opt partition in FC5. I created a subvolume with the folder which I want to backup Here is an example of what I am trying to do: All the data I want to backup is under /opt/software. /opt/software /folder1 /folder2 /folder3 /folder4 If I exclude say folder1 and folder2, when I run the check selector, these folders are not excluded. When I exlude the files and folders, here are my settings: UNIX OS --> Path File = checked Folder = checked path = does match pattern Include enclosed folders = checked Match case = unchecked I saved my exlcusions and named it as a selector. I tried using the selector for another FC5 machine, it doesnt appear to backup anything at all. Has anyone experienced the same problem with UNIX exclusions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.