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    The State of Support

    Add me to the mailing list. I'm excited for the team, and for the future of the product. I'm sticking with you guys. Sitting on Win 7.6 Pro version until I can figure out how to ( and if I should ) upgrade to 7.7.
  2. smportis

    Teach me to fish!

    Thank you Robin! Very good.
  3. smportis

    Teach me to fish!

    Ok, I'm dangling that big juicy worm and no bites. How about an easier question - where are the resources to get over the steep learning curve of Retrospect?
  4. smportis

    Teach me to fish!

    Reviewing the list of items in the Policy Template, I note the following: - My data is on my home network. On this network there are 4 main groups of critical data: 1. my laptop containing my data from my business 2. my wife's laptop containing data for our home finances 3. Our media drive containing the digital pictures. These are highly critical. ("Media Drive") 4. The Retrospect catalog files and settings ("Retrospect Server") 5. (PS - There are 3-4 other computers with less than critical data on them currently, but may be added at some point, including 2 Macs). DATA AVAILABILITY: All sets of data are critical, but could wait a day to restore. I don't need high availability. WHAT NEEDS BACKING UP: Laptops: It doesn't seem that I need to be able to restore the entire laptop, but they sure take a long time to setup if lost. Now I only do "Documents and Settings" (Weakness) Media: Documents and Settings only. Retrospect Files: Backing up the "Documents and Settings" on the Retrospect Server to get the Catalog files and other settings. DATA LOCATION: Because it is a NAS and not tapes, I don't currently take anything off-site. (Weakness) RETENTION: I want to be able to go back at least a year to get a file. FILE GROOMING: Currently, I do not let Retrospect Groom files - I keep adding to the incremental backups and adding NAS disk space as needed. See RETENTION above for a conflicting statement. (Weakness) I am using an Infrant (Netgear) ReadyNAS NV+ in a Raid 5 setup. It has 4 x 750 GB drives. NAS: The NAS is split into two "volumes" but share the same logical space - Volume one is the Retrospect Backup space; Volume Two is the Media drive. There is 650 GB used between these two logical drives, and about 2TB of total space (1.4GB remaining). There are no logical boundaries for these drives, they just share the available space. (Weakness - should logically define available space) LAPTOPS: I have a script for each of laptops that does Nightly Incremental Backups of the "Documents and Settings" of each laptop. I also have a separate script that runs once every 2 weeks that does a Recycle Backup on the laptops. Why? I guess to reassure me that I always have a recent set complete files so that if I lose a catalog file out of a set of files I will have at least a set from 2 weeks ago. Seems unnecessary now that I think about it, but when I was restoring my wife's laptop after a crash, and the very first catalog file of the set was missing, and I went thru hell trying to get the files back, it seemed like a good idea. (I think that I have since read that you can rebuild a catalog file from the backups themselves.) (Weakness - probably not the right way to do what I'm attempting to do). MEDIA DRIVE: The media drive gets backed up incrementally nightly. Remember that the Media drive is on the same disks as the Retrospect backup files, so we have 2 copies on the same physical drive. In a RAID 5 setup, that feels safe except for fire or theft. (Weakness - fire or theft) I do a recycle backup in a different script every 2 weeks as well for reassurance. RETROSPECT CATALOG FILES AND SETTINGS: These are on the Retrospect Server and get backed up incrementally nightly. I do a recycle backup in a different script every 2 weeks as well for reassurance. Seeing what I am doing, and the critical nature of my 4 sets of data, does anyone have any suggestions on improving my backup policy? Thanks folks - Hoping to learn and document to help others as well.
  5. smportis

    7.6 Client on Vista - Cannot Connect

    After upgrading both client and server to 7.6, it finally started to connect again. Still not sure why. Thanks for the reply. I failed to subscribe so never saw the response.
  6. smportis

    Teach me to fish!

    First, I'm not a network admin, so I have about 80% understanding of backup schemes (incrementals vs full, Incrementals + Recycled backups, etc). Anyone have links to the answer to this question: "Using Retrospect 7.x, what is the best plan/scheme/schedule to backup multiple Win xp and Vista clients using a NAS as storage and not tapes?" If you don't use tapes, and like me are a backup novice (well, not a pro), then what adjustments do you need to make to your backup plan? Should I do an incremental daily, and on a different script do a recycle every 2 weeks on each client to just get a snapshot? Are incrementals enough? I lost some data a year ago because one of the catalogs from an incremental set was missing (the first one), and a lot of my files were not available. I wish someone would just point me to a guide that says - "Ok, setup your scripts like this for each client....." Just a basic guide for basic backups to make me feel better about what I'm doing.
  7. I began to experience a random connection failure on one of my vista laptops (Home Pro) in v7.5. Some nights it would connect, and others it would not. For the past 4 nights, no connection. Troubleshooting it - I went to the Server (XP Home, v7.5), hit "Clients" and tried to view the client - I could "see" the client on the network, but it would not connect. Tried to delete and re-add. It added it, but would not connect. I could "Test" it at the ip address, and Server would see it, but would not connect. Then I went to the laptop, pulled up the v7.5 client, checked the version, downloaded 7.6 client, upgraded it - no connection. I then upgraded the 7.5 Server to 7.6, uninstalled the 7.5 client on the laptop, re installed it, and now the client is not seen on the Server, and the client is inactive (greyed out). What am I doing stupid here? I have 1 other vista laptop that is running fine, and 1 other XP client that is running fine - similar backup scripts each night. Thanks, Scott
  8. I need to move Retro Pro 7.5 to a different winXP server. I have scripts for backups, and all the devices, etc, that need to move as well. Do I just need to move the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect to the new machine after I install? Thanks, Scott P
  9. 7 Minutes on the reply! Thanks Robin!!! Sweet - I failed to look in "All Users". smp
  10. Sorry, but I'm cross posting this. I've had no response in 3 days. Main issue - server crashed, I recovered the Catalog Files, but do not know where the Scripts, Devices, etc information is stored. Help please. http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/97626/an/0/page/0#Post97626 Thanks, Scott P
  11. My PC, which serves as my home Retrospect Pro 7.5 "server" crashed. I rebuilt it, and have recovered the "Retrospect Catalog Files" folder from the actual backup media (an Infrant ReadyNAS unit) (thank goodness). I have the catalog files, but where is everything else? How do I get all the scripts, devices, clients, backup sets, volumes, etc back? I assumed that once I recovered the catalog files, it would contain all the script (etc) information. I want my environment back to the way it was - sniff, sniff. Thanks. PS - I tried to search the forum, but couldn't find anything on this. Scott P