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  1. Excellent, Robin. All is now well, - many thanks for your time and patience. Neil H
  2. nhowieson

    "A program can't display a message on your desktop"

    Thanks Robin, appreciate your time on this. Also apologise for cross-threading my query. Once I figure out how to get the Retrospect Client to accept changes (greyed out at the mo) all will be well! Cheers.
  3. I see, - you mean the normal OS Control Panel, > Retrospect Client. Sorry to have been dense, but it looked as if you were saying that Retrospect had its own control panel! Thanks for this, - all options are greyed-out at the moment (despite me being signed on as Administrator) - will have to have a play around with it to see if I can make it 'live'.
  4. If you mean, Configure > Preferences There is no box to uncheck.
  5. nhowieson

    "A program can't display a message on your desktop"

    Yes, but where is the control panel? And where is the setting to switch off notification? If you look for 'client control panel' in the help index, it doesn't say where it is, it just says "see Proactive Backup for more information". When you click the 'proactive backup' link in the left hand menu, it brings up a window with no scripts in it, and no options. Also, in the help index 'Client User Preferences', it says: "To open the Retrospect Client control panel, do the following: Windows: From the Start menu, choose Programs>EMC Retrospect>Retrospect Client." I do not have 'Retrospect Client'. I have: Reports Watcher, Retrospect 7.6 and Retrospect Activity Monitor. What do I do?
  6. How can this be disabled? There is no option in preferences to do so.
  7. Running 7.6.123 on Vista. Retrospect tries to notify when backup has not been run for certain number of days. Vista message says "A program can't display a message on your desktop" with option to view message or remind me later. Vista invokes UAC to view notification. Agree to see message, - screen goes blank few seconds - retospect message is shown against grey screen background. Click to acknowledge message, -screen goes blank for few seconds - returns to active window. The process often crashes machine. Very annoying. Would like to disable retrospect notification, but no option in Retrospect's 'preferences'. Advice would be appreciated.
  8. nhowieson


    Excellent Robin, all is now well. Many thanks.
  9. nhowieson


    Thanks, - so I missed out by 0.0.119. Just my luck. I'll get the upgrade, thanks.
  10. nhowieson


    Microsoft Vista. Does anyone have the telephone number of the one person on the planet who has sufficient permissions to do a simple one-computer full system backup to external Hard Drive? Win XP - No problem. Vista impossible. Am sole user on Vista laptop and therefore full admin privileges, Retrospect gets snotty. Also, Retrospect can not run launcher service in Vista, despite settings in preferences. No help in user guides, help, and have seen similar posts in this forum with no solutions from anyone. Surely a programme as sophisticated as this should be able to backup one flaming laptop without needing a post-grad degree in computer science, programming and telepathy? Running Retrospect 7.5.251, a VW Golf V5 and a temperature of 103. Help.