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    Web restores

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    Web restores

    Hello, I am considering Retrospect Server as a possible archive solution for our company. We average adding about 20 GB per day to our production file server. This data is on the server about 45-60 days then is is burned to DVD (and Tape). The DVD's are referred back to frequently. I would like to set up a retrospect server attached to an external Hard Drive. I would then like to have the users log into the Administrator web interface, enabling them to search the Retrospect archives, and initiate restores to their locally installed client of data backup from the production server. I have downloaded and installed the trial version of the software and it appears to be able to work in that fashion, but I am worried about its functionality as the usage would begin to scale up Here are my questions: Is there a maximum amount of simultaneous logins that the Administrative web page supports? Can the administrative web interface initiate multiple simultaneous restores? Is anyone else out there using Retrospect in this fashion or can someone reccomend a product that would be better suited to what I have to accomplish. Thanks in advance for your help! Ian
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    Import from Mac Catalog?

    Ahhhh, Thats what I was afraid of. Thanks for the response!! Ian
  4. We have been using retrospect 6.1 for mac the last 3 years, burning data to DVDs. I would like to use Windows Retrospect for Server to backup the data now to hard disks. I would like to preserve the existing catalogs for the DVDs as we recall data from them frequently. Is there a way I can import the catalogs into windows? Thanks! Ian