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  1. I'm running retrospect multi server, which filled up the system disk with files in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect\ folders and subfolders (mostly rtrsec). It asks where backup sets and their catalogs should be stored, why not an option locating the work files and other metadata?
  2. Activity monitor appears to be working fine, it's the retrospect process that is not listening for it it.
  3. That's interesting information but doesn't fix the problem. Right now, 7.6 is a step backward because you can no longer force a graceful shutdown. Does anyone have a case where a new install has a non-working activity monitor versus an upgrade?
  4. I'm seeing the same thing on 2 windows 2003 servers running 7.6. In addition when I try to start the monitory I get and internet explorer popup asking me if it is safe to run a script. Process explorer shows retromontor.exe is repeatedly trying to open a TCP connection to port 22024, but netstat show nobody as listening on that port.
  5. I have a script that reads the Backup Report.utx file sends me a notice if a script hasn't successfully run for too many days. I monitor 45 backup scripts this way. Lately it's been sporatically generating notices because recent successful runs are being omitted from the summary, even though they are in the operations log. I notice the file size is approaching 32K, is there some kind of fixed limit inside Retrospect on the size of the summary report that makes it give an inaccurate result? Retrospect version is 7.0.