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    Large Transaction Log files

    The reason for the large transaction log is because you have not made a transaction log backup of the database. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/272318
  2. sporri

    Multiple Instances of SQL server

    More information: When I try to browse for the SQL container I get this error in the operations log (after changing the logging mode to debug) TWDBSqlServer::InitDMO: context not set but request secure context To rephrase. The server which has retrospect installed is running two SQL servers. SQL2000 server which is a default instance. A named instance of SQL2005. When looking into My Computer in the Volume Database only the SQL2005 Server instance is visible but not the SQL2000 server.
  3. Hi. I am evaluating the MultiServer option of Retrospect multi server. On my backup server there are two instances of SQL server a SQL2000 Default instance and a named instance of SQL2005. The browser can only see the SQL2005 instance but not the SQL2000 server. SQLDMO is correctly installed as I can open the databases in the enterprise manager and the SQL server managment studio?