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    Can't Add Backup Client... error -560

    I know Windows 7 is not supported; however, the RC being released by Microsoft, we are trying it out in our environment. I get this private/public key error when I try to add the client. We've also tried uninstalling the software and then installing it again. Any suggestions?
  2. I feel silly now We have two retrospect servers and I upgraded the one but the one I'm on is still 7.5. Thanks for the advice, I'll be upgrading to 7.6 tomorrow on it and I'll try it again then. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Hi All, I realize I'm trying to run retroclient on an unsupported operating system (Fedora 9) which is why I'm posting on the forums and not calling paid support. I recently re-did my desktop at work and went from Fedora Core 6 to Fedora 9. Retroclient ran great on FC6; however, I'm getting an unusual problem with it on F9. When I add the client and it prompts me for the password, I enter the password, but it never accepts it and says it is the wrong password. I'm 100% sure the password is correct as I have removed the retroclient.state file and reset the password a few times. Logging was turned up on the retroclient but nothing interesting showed up in the retroclient.log. Has anyone else had similar issues with the password not being accepted? Thanks, Jeff
  4. JeffFisher

    Error -540

    I'm using the retropds_linux86.pdu from ninman and I'm able to also backup a number of Linux hosts that I haven't been able to back up in ages due to "trouble creating service" errors. When is EMC going to fix this problem? It's a joke that it has been going on this long and has made me question recommending Retrospect to anyone.
  5. Any update? I have a few critical Windows 98 boxes we need to continue backing up.