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    Catalog(ue) problems

    Retro Express on a Vista Pro laptop with an Iomega eGo HDD is, after a while, unable to find the catalogue file even though it is there. When I try to rebuild it it says the file cannot be written to. I have then created a new backup set but when I try to create a disaster recovery disk and select the new backup set it then says there are no snapshots or session data. What is going on? This is so unreliable. I had a similar problem with Retro Professional unable to find a catalogue which it then reported as heavily damaged. I have repaired it. However Retrospect does seem to have problems losing access to or corrupting backup sets. I have used Retrospect for years but I am struggling with it at the moment. I just wish it worked. I emailed support on Monday and still no reply. Roxio also needs to sort out some URL redirects because the links from the program no longer work. Advice gratefully received! TIA Andrew
  2. Thanks Andrew I'll try that next time. Of course I have just launched Retrospect now without problem! I can see from the log now that the backup did run properly yesterday. Unfortunately the Activity Monitor showed no activity at all, which is confusing. Your help is much appreciated.
  3. Almost every time I try to run Retrospect, either manually or from a saved script, Activity Monitor starts. However it displays no information. I have found one long thread in the SBS forum and have tried renaming retromonitor.exe. All that happens is that when I try to run Retrospect it creates a new retromonitor.exe. It didn't use to do this and is exceptionally frustrating. If I check the backup files I see Retrospect is creating an incremental backup but I have no idea of any errors etc because I can't get into the program! Please advise
  4. I'm considering replacing an XP fileserver with a new server using Windows Server Foundation. We use Retrospect Pro on the XP fileserver at the moment but I have just been told that there is no upgrade path and we'll have to but a new version of the software. Retrospect SBS Server Standard costs about £600 which is more than the server hardware and OS will cost! This is ridiculous and after using Retrospect for many years I am both annoyed and disappointed. This is something that EMC needs to look at. Andrew
  5. agould

    ACT! SQL database

    Thanks Russ. I was hoping this could be done from within Retrospect but I'll look at the script information. Andrew
  6. agould

    ACT! SQL database

    We have Retrospect Pro running on an XP system used as a fileserver. I am not clear if we need to have the SQL add-in to back up the ACT! SQL database on this machine. I hope not because it will cost more than ACT!. I have tried a restore and it seems OK but Sage say that the SQL service must be stopped before the backup or corruption can occur. The service can be stopped with a simple command line script in a batch file, but I cannot see a way of doing this in Retrospect (I think it may be possible with a script). So can I run a batch file from Retrospect, and if so how? TIA Andrew
  7. agould

    "Waiting for execution unit"

    Thanks for the reply. I have been away, hence the delay in responding. I don't have the server version and assume this is why I cannot specify "Any execution unit" (or cannot see this option in Preferences or anywhere else). I have setup some scripts and none of the ones that backup to disk work. From the help file I assume that one script will execute after another, but they don't. Each script that backs up to disk appears to be waiting for "an execution unit". I have checked that the backup set disk is available, which it is. I have to say that I am not at all happy with the advice the EMC sales person gave me back in October. This is the first time I have found Retrospect difficult to use and the help files of no value. Any other ideas would be much appreciated!
  8. I upgraded from 6.5 to 7.5 in October but have only recently been able to configure Professional 7.5 with additional client licences to backup a laptop, two desktops and the fileserver on which it is installed to backup up to a NAS device and then to AIT tape. Previously I have been using version 6.5 to back the fileserver up to AIT and the other PCs to individual hard drives. I have followed the whitepaper on the website, but cannot use a Proactice backup because I would have to upgrade to the server version. Rather than using the Proactive option as described I have specified scripts instead to run at different times. However there are two problems: 1. The Activity window displays "Waiting for execution unit". None of the scripts run. 2. An SQLExpress database is not backed up (it was with 6.5). There is a sharing violation error. However it is not opened by anything else and I have Open File backup enabled. I have not purchased the option for multiple execution units because I don't need it. Hopefully someone can help. I cannot find any answers in the KB or help. TIA Andrew