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  1. I often have to delete and re-add clients at the server (without touching anything on the client) to get them to work again.
  2. I am using 10.5 on OS X 10.6.8 and most of my proactive clients are getting ignored in one script, yet working in another (which backs up very big files separately).
  3. I have previous approval to buy a new Mac Pro when they come out, but it looks like the main IO will have to go through Thunderbolt. I currently use a LTO tape drive via PCI SCSI card. What options am I likely to face in the fall for connecting? Looks like a new tape drive might also be in order to keep things simple. Trying to plan ahead a bit.
  4. The biggest grief I had with 8.x was the corruption of the settings file, where sources or scripts or other vital details would spontaneously go missing. Will the product work if I lock this file? Is it now stored separately from logs, etc?
  5. Extract from Retrospect 9.0 Read Me gives me some hope: ... Over 250 bug fixes, including improvements to the media request process, >> a config file backup process that provides better protection against corruption << , and the elimination of certain spurious errors... Anything more we should know about this?? Yes, I am a geek and am curious.
  6. Disappointing. I really just wanted the product to work. For me, new features are just new things that can break. Adding the kitchen sink to a product is not the way to make it reliable. Certainly not how I design stuff. Any word from the developers when they might make this aspect more bullet-proof, or are they just running scared with marketing? I mean I wish them well, as it appears that maybe the product has been rescued from a series of inappropriate relationships by people who care, but my relationship with the product is still compromised.
  7. One of the developers stated in this forum last year that separating logs and settings was planned for an significant upgrade in the not-too-distant future. Would like to quote it, but it seems to be lost and the Internet wayback machine seems not to have a copy. This is the only "feature" I am really looking for.
  8. I have one client that is very slow and has been for years, including under several versions of Retrospect 6 and Retrospect 8, and many versions of Mac OS on a couple of Retrospect servers. The client hardware has also changed over the years. The user doesn't do a lot with his computer. All that seems to be common over the years is: He is Japanese, not a power user by any means. His client is Windows (all other Windows clients are fine). The place everything bogs down appears to be "Building Snapshot..." as reported by the Status line in the Summary pane while the backup is proceeding. The backups are fine but take many hours to complete for relatively few changed files. I am curious if there is a solution.
  9. swalker

    Backup scripts randomly change

    I had this problem for a while, then things settled down, cause unknown, but the five scripts I run don't have enough in common to be cloned from each other. Suggestions? You could try the hearsay that I posted at the end of the "Engine Crashing...again" thread.
  10. swalker

    Engine Crashing...again

    A suggestion from my experience: Retrospect Has been stable for me in the last 2 months, after a period in which I had to keep fixing things regularly due to config corruption and the engine crashing. It crashed last night. Normally I run the console to check on things and then quit it, but this time I left it open. Maybe it it a good habit to quit the console promptly after use to improve stability. The other habit I have gotten into is to give the console a few extra minutes after connecting before I use it to make sure it has all the config info from the server before I modify things. I also do a quick check on the scripts, sources and destinations before modifying anything. Once in a while the config seems to load incorrectly, then I quit the console, then launch it again after waiting a few minutes. For example, this morning, the console claimed that one of my tape backup sets had no members, but contained many files. From my experience, waiting for the console further doesn't correct this particular mis-communication, so I quit the console and it was fine after the next launch.
  11. I have experienced this multiple times on 8.2. Usually one script will become more like one of the others and some sources or destinations will be deleted. It is a real problem.
  12. From this image it appears that retrospect has a problem reading its own settings. I had never used smart tags anywhere, but they started showing up selected this morning. When I tried to expand the first of the two Tags in the image, the console crashed. On relaunching it, fortunately the Smart Tags selections had disappeared. The problem I have experienced in the past might be a consequence of the settings being read incorrectly, and then, when I edit some other setting, the misinterpreted one also gets saved.
  13. swalker

    8.2 Settings uncertainty

    I did a clean installation of Retrospect redoing the scripts from scratch, adding all the clients, etc. I can now confirm that 8.2 still edits its own settings. When I looked at them this morning two of the scripts were changed. The script which backed up a server is now backing up ordinary PCs instead, and nothing has backed up the server for a week. My proactive backup script now is backing up nothing. So its time to ask again when are the settings going to be separated from the event logging so that my settings will stay put?
  14. swalker

    8.2 Production worthy?

    I was using a script to restart the engine after it crashed. The beta crashed 26 times between June 25 and August 8th. The next day I installed the release version without changing anything else and it hasn't crashed in the last 10 days. So that problem is at least partly licked. I think the program is still "editing" its own settings though. Will do all the scripts from scratch and see if they are staying put.
  15. swalker

    Finally Gave Up on Retrospect 8

    >I just found that all my tagging is gone, so no backups. I found that most of my sources disappeared from one of my scripts again this week. Similar experience with tagging in the past. Most of 8.2 Retrospect seems solid, but the remaining bugs are annoying. Seems to me there is sloppy programming in a couple of areas that Roxio needs to weed out. When I'm back from vacation, I'll re-install from scratch with fresh preferences if there's another beta out and we'll go from there. 8.2 Engine has crashed 15 times in a month, always weekday mornings. I set up a cron job to log & re-start the engine after a crash which has made the server fairly reliable: #!/bin/sh dat=`date` result=`ps ax | grep "RetroEngine" | grep -v "grep"` if [ "x" == "x$result" ] then /Library/Application\ Support/Retrospect/RetrospectEngine.bundle/Contents/MacOS/RetroEngine & echo "dead $dat" >> /root/retro.log else echo "ok $dat" >> /root/retro.log fi exit
  16. Imagine my surprise when I manually tell Retrospect 8.1 to run my Mac client backup script and I find that it backs up the Windows server instead, and that the script for several important folders on my Mac server now is also doing the same. So Retrospect has replaced the substance of my Mac backup scripts and replaced both of them with the Windows server script. I don't like retrospect editing its own preferences! How about making the file a little less likely to get messed up when one of the bugs in Retrospect writes to the wrong place?
  17. I had a simple script to back up a single Windows machine which seemed to crash the engine (reboot required), I fixed it by adding that machine to my proactive backup list instead. The failure took place soon after the scheduled script became active (waiting to execute with the proactive backup already active). Not too keen on experimenting with the setup. I think it is stable now.
  18. • Upgrade from 10.5.8 to 10.6.3 Server • 1st generation 4 core Mac Pro + ATTO UL5D + one Ultrium 2 tape drive; 4 GB memory; 4 drives, 2 in mirror RAID • Services: AFP, SMB, Web, wee bit of Mail, cronjobs & custom daemons for data logging PLUS Retrospect for 20 mixed clients. Lightly loaded server with only a few clients for the other services in a small workgroup • Staying on 10.6.3 Server • General cleanup of shell scripts, re-compiling of daemons, had waited long enough for 10.6 to be relatively bug-free. Had considered waiting for next (no doubt better & due soon I think) iteration of Retrospect, but jumped anyway. Have had sundry troubles with Retrospect on 10.5.8, so I have to keep minding it. Eager for next version to make it more trustworthy.
  19. I did it last week. The engine seemed to die a lot. Then I set the kernel to run 32-bit. Seems OK. Look here for 32/64 bit info: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3773 Comments welcome...
  20. My proactive scripts started working again when I dumped using Tags in favour of directly selecting the sources to be backed up.
  21. "If you split this into multiple files, the chance of corrupting the Retrospect configuration is much smaller." Exactly. Is anyone listening? Just because it is supposed to be OK in someone's theory doesn't mean that it is not a real problem for us users. Foolish design decision.
  22. Solution: Problem is with the 8.1 engine Remove the clients, stop engine, start engine, then add them again.
  23. Two windows client machines with client 7.6.107 give -519 network communication failed error with Retrospect 8.1.626. One client is Vista, one is Windows 2000 Pro. I then launched Retrospect 6.1.230 from same server and they communicate OK. Retrospect 8.1.626 running on Intel MacPro OS X 10.5.8 with ATTO SCSI & LTO2 tape drive Removed clients and then added them again, problem unchanged.
  24. swalker

    Transaction already complete

    I had many PC clients of my server with this error. The problem disappeared after I did a clean install of the latest version (about 2 months ago). The problem may lurk in preference and configuration files, so I mean a really clean install and starting from scratch.
  25. swalker

    Backing up OS9 client fails

    How about running retrospect 6 to copy or backup OS9 files to a server and then use retrospect 8, running concurrently on the server to backup them up from there to tape or wherever?