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    Backup error -557

    Threw away old preferences, settings, configs and did complete fresh re-install (server only, not client). Appears fixed.
  2. swalker

    Backup error -557

    This error is a real show stopper. Most of my PC clients exhibit it, but no Mac ones. Same server with same OS with Retrospect 6.1 has no problem with the same clients. Retrospect 8.1, Mac Pro, OS 10.5.7, LTO 2 drive via Atto UL5D SCSI.
  3. I ran into this too & just gave up. Try again next version. Too many issues - I have to make sure I get some solid backups of our machines again before I return to play. I'm still hopeful, but not in the short term.
  4. What does error -557 mean? Here's a partial log of proactive backup: + Normal backup using PCs Copy at 4/14/2009 10:49 PM (Execution unit 1) To Media Set LTO G... 4/14/2009 10:49:54 PM: Copying Local Disk (C:) on irsa (linac) !Trouble reading files, error -557 ( transaction already complete) 4/14/2009 10:51:17 PM: Execution incomplete ------------------ I want a rule to exclude files over 300 meg in size. The field is too small to show a 4 digit number. The number I enter is not saved properly, sometimes becoming a large negative number, sometimes 1024. -------- This is not yet production quality software, but it may be good enough I can get on with it. ------ Console crashed repeatedly until I had entered and run a script successfully. A bummer for newbies. Seems stable now.
  5. Context: Retrospect 6.1.230 on MacPro OSX10.5.6 with Atto SCSI UL5D and LTO-2 tape drive Symptom: Reads&Writes OK, but hangs exactly every 500.0 MB on "Writing index" Tried unsuccessfully: Reinstall of OS and applications, new simple Retrospect settings, swap of cables and SCSI channels. Solution: Use new tape. So all this work and the problem is a defective backup tape > how does it manage to read&write data, but cause a hang writing an index? Troubleshooting backups has always been a pain. Glad they work most of the time. Anyway of making things less obscure?
  6. I recently upgraded to Leopard server and have also this issue added to my difficulties on a system that was reliable before the upgrade. Any news on this since the last post?
  7. Of course I have five years of backups here so I have every possible version and revision, but clearly the "corruption" of the file was not an issue under Tiger server so I don't know how far back I have to go...
  8. Error: elem16.c-687 Error does not occur during copying of data. About 60% of backups succeed in writing to tape before error stops operation. Context: MacPro 2x2 core, 2G RAM, 10.5.4 Server, Atto UL5D SCSI, Ultrium LTO-2 on Channel 1, 2xDLT7000 (not in use) on channel 2, Retrospect 6.1.230, Driver Update, light load on server, 4 disks in RAID mirrors, plus external firewire disk. Setup was solid before recent upgrade by clean install to Leopard server from Tiger server. Retrospect setup copied. No changes to anything that could be avoided. Very light load on server. What do I do? ********* There needs to be a way of documenting Retrospect settings in a human-readable file: selectors, scripts, clients, schedules, etc.
  9. Things seem to be OK as it works from a new set of preferences. BUT The preferences I was using were still on the same machine, just copied as a file from one hard drive to another, so corruption is not very likely. SO I think that Retrospect is embedding OS version specific information into its config file, which I would say is a no-no. It is a ton of work to go around rebuilding scripts, selectors, logging into all the remote machines to rebuild the client list, especially when they are in sundry office in different buildings, and may be off or away with someone on the road. It is very unprofessional for an application to require this to avoid barfing on a major OS update, especially for a server. THEREFORE Can this behaviour please be purged from Retrospect X? Please? BY THE WAY I have the original OS install as it was is still on the other drive in the same machine, so if you want to explore it further, the possibility is preserved.
  10. I can confirm that the 7.5 Windows client appears to work OK with Mac server & Vista. I am not backing up the OS and saving the data only: (1) to keep the size of incremental backups under control (2) to avoid any avoidable interactions with the OS.
  11. When will Macintosh Retrospect be able to back up a Windows Vista client? My boss wants to get his new Vista machine backed up. Should I tell him to wait until October?
  12. Hangs have not recurred since I installed an ATTO SCSI firmware update & re-applied 10.4.9 update using a combo updater.
  13. Retrospect 6.1.126/Mac OS X 10.4.9 Server on Intel Mac Pro (booting from mirrored internal SATA drives) backing up to DLT7000 via ATTO UL5D SCSI. Often Windows clients hang on the Backup server, stopping all backup. I click stop to stop the backup, and the message "cancelling execution..." shows in the progress window, but that's as far as it goes. I have to force quit Retrospect and sometimes have to reboot the server machine in addition to get backups working again. This is not a new problem, just getting around to griping about it. I have used Retrospect for many years, and it seems that errors like this have been a bane of the product. Its like its waiting forever for some message from SCSI that it never gets. How about a timeout? Things do go wrong, and if a programmer can't anticipate them adequately, how about some more elegant means of dealing with it? That's certainly how I write my code.