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    0 restore points available

    I just found and installed the version 1.1 update and that solved my problem.
  2. luannvodder

    0 restore points available

    I am having the exact same problem, wih the exact same OS and version of Express HD. My main computer that I back up has died, and I need to restore some files from the Maxtor to my laptop. Installed the software, it shows 0 restore points available, and clicking Setup does nothing. Maddening...what is the solution to this problem? thanks, Luann
  3. Thanks -- I was able to determine that it's flagging temp files in use as having a sharing violation (something which would be expected, and which I would think it would ignore). Otherwise, I'm assuming the backups are successful. Thanks for your help.
  4. I haven't seen any replies...anyone? thanks, Luann
  5. I've seen posts about this over the past couple of years with seemingly no resolution. I've used my Maxtor OneTouch II drive with Retrospect Express HD for the past 3 years. The first 2.5 years were mostly problem-free, but for at least the past 6 months, I suddenly started getting the infamous error: Problems were detected during each of the last 7 backups. Click here to make changes Clicking "here" does nothing. I tried deleting a bunch of old backups and rebuilding the index, to no avail. I deleted > the last 7 backups, but no change. The number "7" in the error message appears arbitrary, as this has been going on for months. I'm starting to get concerned that my backups are not complete, and I want to get this resolved since my backup drive is supposed to be giving me peace of mind. Long I ago I installed the only software update Seagate/Maxtor has on their web site, v. 1.1.127. I'm not sure what else to do. Ideas?? thanks, Luann
  6. luannvodder

    RetroExpress.exe running extensively on startup

    Interesting idea. It does show that there's 94.8 Gb of space free on the backup drive (and the drive it's backing up contains 180 gb of data, not sure what that equates to for the backup). I'll delete some old restore points to free up space. Can't hurt! thanks, Luann
  7. I have had a Maxtor OneTouch II installed for just over a year and it appears that everything is working great. I run a full backup each night, and at night (well after the backup has run), I hibernate my PC. In the morning, when I wake it back up, I've noticed that via Task Manager retroexpress.exe is running, causing my hard drive to spin for hours, and taking up 49-50% of my system resources. Has anyone seen this before, and know how to make it stop? I double-checked the downloads area, and I do have the latest version installed. thanks, Luann