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  1. currently have Express - do any of the current Retrospect backup programs support Windows 7 ? If not, when will they - I have a small at home business & if I experience a HD meltdown, I need to be able to restore a backup created in XP to a W7 machine ! If it's going to take awhile to get W7 support then my only other alternative is to start backing up to memory sticks -
  2. DonN

    Upgrading Questions

    I guess I should rephrase my question - if you look at the Windows Upgrade Pricing list there are 2 close choices if you currently have Express - one is disk-to-disk for $229 & the other is "professional" for $59 - I'm just wondering which one I should pick ?
  3. soon getting a new machine with windows 7 - 32 bit - retrospect express on old machine has been updated from the original CD to v7.6.123 - if the CD is v7 or earlier, which upgrade do I want for just 1 machine? is it the $59 version for Express,Desktop, or Pro ?
  4. version 7.5.387 or later was necessary for Vista support - is this true for Windows 7 also ?
  5. My Express(not HD)CD came with an Iomega HD purchased 3/07 - I've since upgraded online to v7.6.111,OEM - given the purchase date and the fact that I was able to upgrade to my current version, can I assume that once the version on the CD is loaded onto a Vista machine I will still be able to upgrade at no charge to v7.6....? Also, recently when I click Help/Updates from Express I get a message that the update site is currently unavailable - rather than a notification that my version is current ???
  6. DonN

    New Computer & Vista (32 bit)

    It's straight Express - I did read a few posts related to HD though.
  7. Getting a new computer soon - just want to re-cap what I think the steps are to get Express on the new machine: (1) load the original 2 year old CD (2) get updates from the website. Is it as simple as that or does Vista present some unique hurdles ?
  8. DonN

    The Duplicate Operation

    thanks for the help and your time .
  9. DonN

    The Duplicate Operation

    So after loading the Retrospect software on the new machine, I can "restore" the backup currently on G: to a new C: drive ? If so, that works -- If not, what would be the best way to move my files onto a new computer ?
  10. DonN

    The Duplicate Operation

    I followed the online Retrospect tutorial "backup to hard drives" and backed up my local C drive to an Iomega portable desktop HD recognized as G: by Windows - a properties comparison between C & G shows that there's roughly 27 GB on C and 22 GB on G - the difference may be apps that Retrospect wouldn't touch in the backup.
  11. I'm a newbee and this question is probably basic but I'm stuck --- My eventual goal is to move files from my back-up HD (G:) to a new computer's C: -- as a test before purchasing the new computer I decided to attempt duplicating 1 file from G: to an empty folder on current C: -- I open Retrospect Express and click duplicate - I have 5 radio buttons, Source,Destination,Selecting,Files Chosen, and Options -- I select G: for source, the empty folder on C: for destination, and now here is where I'm stuck -- when I click the "selecting" button I see folders with little boxes next to them but the cursor changes to a hand and I'm not able to open any folder in order to pick a file to duplicate -- if I do click on "all files" and then click the "files chosen" radio button it only acknowledges 2 files & I know there's 22GBs of files on G: ?????????????? HELP !!!!