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    Restoring after Win XP install

    dg27 said After reinstalling XP SP2 [same as I had] and reinstalling Retro 7.5, I recatalogued my backup sets and everything seemed to be fine....... You are a step further along than me. After your initial disk crash did you only have .rdb files (no catalogue files) on your other drive? That's my situation and after restoring WinXP (sp2) and Retrospect the retrospect program just can't see those .rdb files. It continues to seek the catalogue files that were lost...even when I ask it to recatalogue my set. Sorry I can't be any help as to the "massaging" needed before reboot.
  2. daydream

    Restoring after Win XP install

    Quote: I had a hard drive failure. Replaced the HD, reinstalled Windows, reinstalled Retrospect. Because my old catalog files were on the drive that failed [backup set was on a different drive], I recatalogued my most recent backup set. dg My experience was the same dg....except I cant recatalogue my backup set. I identify the directory where the .rdb files are located but Retrospect doesn't seem to recognise them. I'm frustrated as all get out cos I can see the backup but I cant use it!! I'm running 7.5.370 and xpsp2 which was the same config when the backups were done. On the offchance the backups were done using Retrospect 7.0....would 7.5 recognise those files? Daydream
  3. daydream

    How to restore when you only have .rdb files

    Well....I'm still mystified. My hard drive died so I replaced it, reinstalled Windows XP to SP2 level (as before) and reinstalled Retrospect 7.5 Like the other posters I have only .rdb files on my external backup drive. They are in a Retrospect-created directory called 1-Backup Set B. When I go via Tools/Repair Catalogue/Recreate from Disks/All Disks and navigate to that directory and open it........nothing happens......Retrospect apparently doesn't see the .rdb files that are undoubtedly there. I was backing up to this directory using 7.5 and xpsp2 prior to the crash. no error messages. There are lots of .rdb files there. All suggestions are gratefully accepted.