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  1. How can I specify the maximum age (in days) that a snapshot can exist? Our data retention is higher than necessary and I need to remove old backups. Manually removing snapshots is not an option because there are thousands of them. Thanks! Matt
  2. Quote: OK with me. How do I file a formal feature request? (This is just a user-to-user forum.) http://www.emcinsignia.com/supportupdates/service/feedback/ I will most definitely be requesting this as there is a HUGE need. It seems like something that would be very easy to add to the product but save people (like myself) many hours. Thanks all!
  3. Quote: You wish for a feature that the program does not have. I suggest that you make a feature request. How about we all make the same feature request?
  4. This is turning into a real problem. I inherited a situation that is rather complicated and I need to find a way to easily deal with it without spending many hours doing nothing but babysitting Retrospect. The issue is that we have a number of Retrospect servers, each with a few TB of drive shelf storage. There are a few hundred computers on each Retrospect server, all backing up snapshots and handling the data in "Streams". There are multiple streams per server, all containing a specific set of machines. I have scripted a grooming operation that will groom specific streams on each server daily but some of the streams have a quantity of data that is getting out of control. The data retention is much higher than our maximum retention and we need to get rid of the oldest snapshots. Due to the number of streams it is unreasonable to manually remove snapshots from a stream as there are not enough hours in the day and it would be more than a full time job of doing nothing but deleting old snapshots constantly. I have looked at the snapshot transfer scripting and it seems more focused on copying files, not snapshots themselves. Even if I were to use the snapshot transfer, I would have to rebuild hundreds of streams. I just wish there was a way to say "Groom to remove snapshots older than XX days." I am at a great loss as to how to solve this without completely re-engineering the backup system. Due to the amount of data on disk already my options are limited. Any thoughts? Matt
  5. Hmm. Not good. We have thousands of backups to disk and need to set a threshold for how long data is kept. Is there a penalty (other than time to rebuild) to deleting the .RDB files older than a certain age and rebuilding the catalog files? In other words, to delete all snapshots older than August 30th, I would delete all .RDB files older than August 30th then rebuild the catalog file and it would only then include the newer sets. Would this be viable? Manually deleting snapshots would require a considerable number of hours and is absolutely inefficient in terms of maintenance. If this would corrupt future snapshots, are there other options? (Such as moving snapshots to another location then deleting that set of data.) Due to the number of terabytes I am dealing with I need a fairly efficient way to do this. Thanks! Matt