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    Error -1123

    The problem was with some weird characters within the folder names. Renaming the folders fixed the problem.
  2. honarya

    Error -1123

    The error message is related to a client that has Redhat Linux version 5. Another scheduled backup of an Exchange server is running at the same time that this backup runs.
  3. Does anyone know what causes this error message: Scanning incomplete, error -1123 (volume structure corrupt) While scanning volume var, Folder /var/www/html/folder name/folder name2/Dan..., Duplicate dirid detected: 0x01298067
  4. Our Exchange server does not show any errors. This is only from Retrospect. I uninstalled/reinstalled Retrospect from the Exchange server, hoping that the newer version (7.6) would take care of this. But the problem is still there. I am out of ideas what else can be done with this. This happens with many newly created mailboxes too. The error messages are over 9000. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Hi Robin, Thanks for sending the information on the error message. I followed the steps that Microsoft suggested for confirming the error but I am not getting an error message. It passes the test. Everything seems to be working correctly with the Exchange server. Only Retrospect is giving the error message. Also I do not see an error message in Event Viewer on the Exchange server. Thank you again for all you help.
  6. Hi Robin, I followed all the steps (Post#106524)and changed the user name with a new one. Did not change anything. The same result (error -1012). Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  7. Thanks Robin. I have changed the user name to a new admin. user name (I had domain administrator for user name). I will let you know the result next week.
  8. We are getting over 6700 error messages on 30-40 Exchange mailboxes. Some users have several hundreds errors. We cannot go through each mailbox and find the ones that Retrospect cannot backup. Also this happens with new messages. And I do not have access to people's mailboxes. There should be something that causes Retrospect to get so many error messages. Thanks again for your help. [color:brown][/color]
  9. [color:brown]Thanks for your quick response. But my error message is -1012. Your reference is for error -1101. This happens on many mailboxes with both new and old messages. I have tried to remove the server and then added, reinstalled the client but nothing has helped. Any other suggestions? [/color]
  10. [color:blue]Retrospect is giving several errors that "File (user name, fold[color:blue][/color]er name with a lot of letters and numbers which refers to a message):can't read, error -1012 (feature unsupported) T-820: MBDatainputStream::prepareLongProperty: Failure (winner = ox80070003)". This happens when it is backing up Exchange mailboxes. It happens only with certain messages (not all). I do not have any problems with Exchange. I have not been able to figure out what causes this. I have searched this web site, Microsoft web site and other places but no luck. Can anyone help?[/color]
  11. honarya

    Unknown errors

    Did you find any solutions to the problem with the Exchange mailbox? We have the same issue.