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  1. Hi Mayoff, I just contacted a sales rep about EMC RecoverPoint, but the price isn't any representative: €60,000.- !!! Who's gonna pay that amount is mad. Seriously, is there any good CDP solution of EMC for home use? Why still Traditional Backup of Retrospect? I want it to be automated. Maybe you can forward this to the developers of EMC Insignia that we want CDP Or do you think CDP can't replace Traditional Backup like Retrospect?
  2. I see EMC has a CDP solution, RecoverPoint, but only for enterprises. Is there also coming a CDP solution thats targeted to Home use? Best regards, Mark
  3. Is there a way to make an 'Archive Backup Set' of files already on the backup hdd. Because some time ago I moved the files from workstation to backup hdd via Windows, so now I can't manage the files through Retrospect. I was thinking if I could make a Catalog File of the selected files on hdd?
  4. I agree that it would be a handy feature ''to remove backups older than a specified date''. The current ''Make sure to remove backups older than'' feature is not clear enough to use because you don't know how many backups you have to keep to remain the backups for a specific time. You can ofcourse also use the lock feature for old backups that you want to keep anyway, as I do. Instead of using the specified # of backups keeped feature you can also use the ''Groom to retrospect defined policy'' feature. But the drawback of this is that you can't keep the daily backups of more than a week back. greetz