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  1. I'm having an issue with the latest version of 7.6.x...


    I have done a recycle backup (the first one done).. it backed up 890GB of data..


    There is 0.99TB free on the drive..


    I have "normal" backups scheduled..


    When the normal runs.. it sees that 192MB have changed since the day before..


    but instead of writing to the 1-backup session.. it requests new media, stating that it tried to groom but couldnt free up enough space..


    I have no idea why this is occuring..


    There is enough space.. the drive is set to use up to 98% of the space..


    it should just append to the existing backup set..


    This is vista x64 sp1.


  2. I actually tried setting Retrospect service to run as the user it was logged in with, in the service settings.. it was set to local service, no effect though.


    I basically log in with this user account (workgroup).. set the schedule in retrospect, make sure the checkboxes are checked for the activity monitor.. then launch activity monitor.. but its blank.. nothing ever fires.. until i launch retrospect though..


  3. Well i know its not compressing at all.. as i see the original file size tally.. and then do a property check on the backed up files.. they match, 0% compression..


    Which is a bit of a let down, considering i know i was getting at least 30% using other solutions out there.. (same files backed up)


    I guess there is nothing i can do to tweak this?

  4. I tried the suggestions on this link.. they didnt work..


    The job would show up at the bottom, saying it was scheduled to run.. i'd click exit on the program, it would ask to check the media and warn me it will run that night (or in the near future)..


    In those settings.. i have:


    Enable Retrospect Service.. automatically launch retrospect.. and "exit" and "show taskbar icon"..


    I unchecked everything and rebooted, per the article.. then reselected everything..


    I also tried changing it from exit to stay in retrospect...


    Nothing has worked..


    Also.. while in the program, the activity monitor would show the job scheduled and when u exit the main program, the activity monitor no longer showed this..



  5. I have a question.. maybe a silly one.. but.. i scheduled a backup to run nightly but it never runs..


    Do i need to leave the main program open for this to occur?


    I would have thought there would be some sort of backup agent that would run in the back ground?



    IE: The activity monitor? Do i just put that in startup and it will then run as scheduled?