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  1. Installing the old CD in the new box may be the simplest, safest thing in the long run. Thanks for talking this over with me, Mr. Guru guy. -Lisa
  2. Yeah, Russ, I have the latest RDU. When I set up this machine two months ago, I got all the latest updates for all my software before I ever launched the program, and I checked and that's indeed the one in the application folder. Hmph. Looks like I may have to go the long way around after all. I wish I could even copy the CDs to another CD or DVD media, you know, but Retrospect CDs don't mount except in Retrospect -- Toast won't even see them. Guess I'll ask for the LaCie back for awhile and see if anything's different there. I have a few hundred CDs of backups over the last three years... would like to have access to at least some of them. Thanks for the discussion. It's nothing life and death, that I need to restore by three hours ago.
  3. Thanks Russ, I didn't realize this forum is for OS9. I thought it was for Retrospect Express in general. Sorry. I see I'm in the wrong place. Should we take this up somewhere else? In short, yes, I can do the target disk mode. But it's tedious, you know. That's the looooong way around. That's what I mean, they don't see each other "very well." To answer the other questions. The precise error is "Incompatible." That's it. I have been running Tiger since it came out, so I have been using a version of Retrospect Express that is Tiger-compatible all along, and didn't get the LaCie at the same time I upgraded, so I don't THINK the version of Retrospect is the problem. I know I can only restore them, not add to them. Without borrowing the La Cie back, I don't know what drive is in it, or in the 867. The Mac Pro has a SONY DVD RW DW-D150A. (as copied from System Profiler) The CD media I used is CD-R. I sure cannot remember if I can restore the CDs using the old firewire La Cie. If I ever tried it, I could do it... I just can't remember if I even tried it. I restore things once in awhile, but I may have used the internal CD drive of the 867 to do it. Thanks for any insight...
  4. I have just moved from a G4 867 to a Mac Pro tower. I've used Retrospect Express for years and years with no problem (since back in the days of Syquests... I date myself.) The 867 had an internal CD drive, and I backed up to CDs. Then I bought an external La Cie DVD and started a new backup set on DVDs. All went smoothly. But now I've discovered I can restore to my new Mac from the DVDs, but I cannot restore from any of the CDs. I get the "Incompatible" error. I still have the 867, and the La Cie drive. Shall I plug it into the Mac Pro to access the CDs? It's firewire. (I've loaned it to a friend so that's why I don't just try it.) The 867 and Mac Pro cannot be networked, even though both are running the same OS, 10.4.8. They don't see each other very well. I'm sure there's a long way and a short way to get to my old backups. I would prefer the short way... Do I need to reconfigure my new internal CD/DVD to see them? How do I do that? Would that mean I then cannot see my more recent DVD backup sets? This reconfiguring stuff makes me kind of squeemish. Thanks to anyone who has a suggestion of something other than to un-retire the 867, restore to that, put the restored files on a DVD and bring them whole onto the Mac Pro and back them up again... It should be easier than that.