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  1. My Retrospect log lists the following errors when it tries to backup data on a Windows 2000 server: "Scanning incomplete, error -127 (volume corrupt?)" Retrospect actually proceeds and backs up the data. I'm wondering if any of you have seen this error message before and have any suggestions on how to repair it. Here are the details of my configuration Retrospect Server ver 5.1.175 running on a PowerMac G4 using Mac OS X 10.2.8 backing up a WIndows 2000 Server, Retrospect Client version 6.5.136 Due to a limitation of Retrospect I can't backup the data on the Windows 2000 server directly. I have mount the Windows 2000 folder on the Mac's Desktop. I've configured the backup script to automatically mount and unmount the folder on the Wnidows 2000 Server but I get the -127 error messages. Thanks for your input. -Tim