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    SQL Server Backup Options

    Ok, so it seems I have to provide my own advice on this forum. Can someone please look over this schedule and tell me if it will work and not cause any problems... in particular when it comes to restoring: - Monday Morning Full SQL Backup (Recycle) - Weekdays Mon-Fri During Day Every 4 hours Log Backup (Normal) - Weekdays Mon-Fri Night Differential SQL Backup (Normal) Cycle repeats itself for the next week. What are some examples of schedules that you are doing?
  2. pjscott13

    SQL Server Backup Options

    can anyone offer some advice?
  3. pjscott13

    SQL Server Backup Options

    Hi All, We are running Retrospect Multi Server Version 7.5.387 with Driver Update and Hot Fix Version on a Windows 2003 Server. We have the SQL Server add-on and I have been backing up DB's with out any issues. I have noticed however that our Log files are becoming quite large. In investigating the issue it appears I may not be backing up our DB's correctly. I have not done a log backup, which explains the problem. I currently do a full backup once a week and differential backups for the rest of the week. I read a post on this forum suggesting that a log backup should be done immediately after the full backup. http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/48525/an/0/page/5#Post48525 My question is should I be running a log backup instead of the differential or should i be including a log backup with the differential or should i do a full backup immediately followed by the log backup and just continue differential backups for the rest of the week? What are others doing in this situation?
  4. pjscott13

    Backing up SQL DB in multiple Backup Sets

    Ok, so a somewhat decent nights sleep over this issue has made me come up with the following idea. Instead of backing up the SQL Databases twice to tape in the way I mentioned before I figured it might be better to: - Backup the Database to Disk via a new backup set - Full Backup once a week - Differential backup each day and night for the the remaining part of the week - Each day, transfer the backup set to tape to each of the backup sets mentioned before. I think this will work much better, just is a bit mind boggling. Let me know your thoughts.
  5. Hi All, We are running Retrospect Multi Server Version 7.5.387 with Driver Update and Hot Fix Version on a Windows 2003 Server. We have just purchased the SQL Add on as we would like to start backing up a SQL Database. What would be the best strategy for adding the SQL to our current backup scheme. Currently we run to Backup Sets during the week. One that runs during the day and one at night. The one during the day is called Backup Set A and is finished before the office closes so that it can be taken home each night. The one during the night is called Backup Set B and is scheduled to run during the night. Both are set to Recycle every fortnight on alternating weeks. On Saturday however, we run a third backup set called Weekly Backup Set. This set is then archived, each month we will do a New Backup Set Backup. Given that tape space is at a premium until we get an auto-loader next year we are looking to minimize the data on the tapes. Previously we have just been doing full backups of Exchange each day to each set. But I would like to possibly change this to Differential along with setting up a Differential with SQL, but what are the consequences in doing so when we have 3 different backup sets running? For example. If I set Backup Set A and Backup Set B to do Differential Backups, and we need to restore the database from one of these sets will there be any potential issues? I have the same question for an Exchange Differential backup. Any thoughts or tips on this matter would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Phil
  6. We have approximately 40 users currently and are growing quite rapidly at the moment. There will most likely be another 5 recruits in the next 3 months. Also, the HP G4 is just used for Retrospect. Our SBS Server is a ML350 G3. I understand that to do this test, we are going to have to throw money at it, and am willing to do it, I just wanted to know if there are any ways of minimizing the overall cost, or even if there was a way to streamline to process to make it easy enough to test on a regular basis. Creating the dummy mail user sounds like a good idea, but I would prefer to know that should our SBS server die, that I would be able to fully restore our Exchange Server. Our company heavily relies on the internet/email (as we are a web-based company). Currently we backup the Exchange Server in Retrospect and not any of the mailboxes. Which at the time it was setup sounded like a great idea. I'm not entirely certain now. Would it be better to do just a file backup of the DB files for Exchange and then backup the mailboxes and public store? If we did a file backup of the DB files then I could restore them and attach them as a Recovery Storage Group (which I know retrospect doesn't support, but it could work)? Has anyone done that before?
  7. Hi All, Firstly: We are running - Multi Server Version 7.5.370 - Driver Update and Hot Fix version On - Windows 2003 Web Edition SP1 Version 5.2 Server Hardware is - HP Proliant ML310 G4, tape drive is HP LTO Ultrium-2 Drive SCSI Revision S53D Second of all: I want to be able to restore my exchange server. Mostly to confirm that backups are working well and to document the procedure so that in the event of a disaster we know what is needed to be done. Our DC and Exchange server is on our Windows SBS 2003 Server. Now to restore exchange I understand that restoring as it is would replace the current exchange database, which we certainly do not want to do for this test. Therefore we would need to setup a test environment. I have found these instructions http://kb.dantz.com/display/2/articleDirect/index.asp?aid=7926&r=0.3668329 which I is for Exchange 2000. Is the process much the same for Exchange 2003? Also, has anyone else done this sort of test in a SBS 2003 environment? And what were your experiences. For me to set up a test environment, I am basically going to have to fully restore our SBS server... so that I can get AD and Exchange working together. This will be a great test, but I don't particularly have the hardware to do so. Any suggestions? Could I possibly install SBS in a VM environment? All without affecting our licensing as well?! Any SBS users that have been through this before, I would definitely appreciate any help. Thanks!
  8. Maybe? I dont know. I would like to know... and as you say it only happens periodically. I have not had that error since I posted. The first message. Phil
  9. No. That is not the same problem. The backup does not span multiple media, it is on just the one tape.
  10. Hi All, We are running - Multi Server Version 7.5.370 - Driver Update and Hot Fix version On - Windows 2003 Web Edition SP1 Version 5.2 Server Hardware is - HP Proliant ML310 G4, tape drive is HP LTO Ultrium-2 Drive SCSI Revision S53D The problem is that I am running a backup and the following error is reported after the backup is complete: " Generated MD5 digest for file "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect\RtrExec.dir\Exec\State\MetaInfo\writer0001\comp0000\file0003" does not match stored MD5 digest. " This error comes up at the Verification stage of the backup. We are doing just a Media Verification for this backup, and when we run a thorough verification no error is reported. I might add that this error does not occur everytime a media verification is done. For instance yesterday's backup completed successfully without the error, but today's didn't. For what reasons does this error get reported. Obviously there is a verification problem, but why? or what is causing it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. pjscott13

    DR Restore to different hardware

    Do a quick search on this forum for DR or Disaster Recovery and you will see many posts here saying that it is practically impossible (especially threads with posts from me). I am still to get a working restore of a PC on slightly different hardware. After spending many many hours over many many days, I have pretty much given up hope. In the event of a true disaster where we have lost our servers to fire or the like, I think we may be completely stuffed. We will just have to manually install the lot and then restore the data. Taking us days to restore instead of hours.
  12. pjscott13

    High Idle times

    I quote rhwalker. Please provide: (1) complete version number of Retrospect - Multi Server Version 7.5.324 (2) complete version number of Retrospect Driver Update - Driver Update and Hot Fix version (3) complete version number of the OS - Windows 2003 Web Edition SP1 Version 5.2 (Build 3790.srv03_sp1_rtm.050324-1447 : Service Pack 1) (4) complete description of hardware being used. - Server is HP Proliant ML310 G4, tape drive is HP LTO Ultrium-2 Drive SCSI Revision S53D (5) complete description of the steps you are doing - I have opened Retrospect, created a script that does a normal backup every day of several volumes on 6 different servers. - At the end of the backup I open the Operations Log and I can see that the backup takes approx 2 hours each day and approx 30 mins of that is idle/loading/preparing. (6) complete description of the problem - There is no problem. I am asking if it is normal for 25% of the total backup time to be spent idle/loading/preparing and how can it be reduced?! I do hope that my answers assist you in assisting me.
  13. pjscott13

    High Idle times

    Hi All, It is usual to have a 1hour 48min backup take 28 mins for idle/loading/preparing? That's a quarter of the total backup time? What I am trying to do is find ways to reduce the amount of time a backup is taking. Phil
  14. pjscott13

    Disaster Recovery plan/help

    Well, I have been backing up all servers (Windows 2003 Server) and 1 XP machine that we have here. Out of curiousity I thought I would try the DR section of Retrospect using the XP machine. It was no good. All attempts have failed. I have tried many times... a fair few hours have been spent trying to restore and JUST get the OS to load. Now, I am concerned that if our building were to burn to the ground, and we had to purchase new hardware for all our servers, how would we be able to restore all these servers? Trying to find exact same hardware for all our servers would be a task in itself and if we have lost our building then we have bigger problems we need to deal with than just trying to find the exact same hardware! I agree... why has no one from EMC posted a response? My guess is because they know it is an issue, and probably turning a blind eye to it.
  15. pjscott13

    Disaster Recovery plan/help

    This is a very serious issue. There should be some acknowledgement of this sort of issue somewhere on the EMC/Dantz/Retrospect websites. Some sort of knowledge base article that could at least guide us all on a process to take! Imagine a disaster wiping out our current office. We replace our servers and start restoring only to hit this problem. Management are on our case trying to get their business somewhat up and running, while we are spending days having to reconfigure our entire infrastructure and then restore the data manually all because our backups WILL NOT restore successfully onto different hardware. Now, I am not saying that they need to perfectly restore to different hardware, but at least somewhat operating... even if we need to install a few drivers or updates. Post your thoughts!