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  1. To perhaps find out what the system thinks is different between these daily versions...I suggest performing all except the last step of a single file restore. Under the restore menu, choose the option "find files" source = your disk backup or tape, whichever destination = some hard drive on one of your servers, doesn't matter as the restore wont actually happen searching = the exact spelling of the name of some file that gets backed up every day, any one of the many will do (include = universal -> name = file: [some file name] ) Then click on the [files chosen] button. Normally you see a hierarchy view...right click context menu and choose "sorted view" You should now see a list of all backed up "version" of this file. You can right click on each one and get properties for each. Compare the windows of several to see if you can figure out what retrospect thinks was different.
  2. I think I have read about similar situations in other threads at this forum. Those of you retro-experts out there correct me if I am off base, however I think you might want to check your backup settings for either the script or proactive backup. In the properties window for all settings for a backup (detailed not using wizard) you will see a series of sections within the window. [sources] [destinations] [selecting] [options] [schedule]. Under the options section, make sure you are using "more choices" and look under the "windows" section for the security options. Select security. There are 4 choices, backup file security(servers), backup file security(workstations), backup folder security(servers), backup folder security(workstations). Check whether you have the flag set for backup file security(servers). For some customers this is necessary, for others it is not, however it almost always will cause every file to be backed up each time any kind of backup is done. If your customer has individual security settings for specific files within folders (joe can read this file but Nancy can both read and write this file) instead of the regular "inherits properties from its folder" then you DO need file security backup. However if these rules are limited to only a few folders within the entire hard drive you could create a separate backup for just that set of folders and do a non-file security backup for everything else. If your customer has specific tracking needs for which user updated a particular file last (usually changing ownership) then you DO need security backup. I'm not positive if you need this setting where the customer is trying to enforce a space usage quota system.
  3. My understanding of hardware compression was... Backup software sends blocks of data to tape drive. Before the blocks it sends a command "write blocks". Part of this command is a flag to either compress or not compress the following blocks. If compression is disabled on the device, then any compression flag is ignored. If compression is forced (like with swith #8 above), then again compression flag is ignored but always compressed. So the only question remains...does the Retrospect software turn on or off this compression command flag. And if so..under what conditions.
  4. My AIT-2 drive has two compression related dip switch options. The manual claims if I turn switch 7 ON, then data compression is "enabled" Another switch (8) is available to "disable host control of compression". So...how do I interpret this...and how does it affect retrospect 7.5? a. sw7 "enabled" means that all data written to drive will be compressed. - or - b. sw7 "enabled" means that software on the computer can control compression, but that the default for the drive is to NOT compress (unless specifically told to by software). If I select [x] Software compression - in a retrospect backup, will it claims that if hardware compression is available it will use that instead...so to cause retrospect to use compression on the tape I should check this box?
  5. Tried that...didn't work...looked around some more. On the first information tab for the backup set the system believes it has ----- Used: 15.4 G for 60 files Available: 3.7 G Storage: 1 member in use, 41 sessions, 11 snapshots -------- However the actual files within the '1-nnnnnn' folder of this partition are 43 files comprising 7.81 G (The 43 vs 60 is unimportant, I know, as the system can store multiple backed up files within a given retrospect file) Some of the files within this backup set might have been stored with retrospect compression turned on. All current scripts/proactive that backup to this set do not currently use compression. So the actual expanded size of all files might really be 15.4 G, however this should not affect how much physical disk capacity it is willing to use for a backup set.
  6. I have a disk backup set. It is on a Windows 2000 server partition. This partition is 20Gig in size. There is no norton or operating system "reserved" space or restore points or such. I have run disk repair just to be sure there were no errors. Currently windows explorer and 'chkdsk' from command window both show 11.5 Gig free on this partition. There are some files in the root directory comprising 681MB of space. The only other item on this partition is the disk backup folders for the disk backup set. There is only 1 member of this disk backup set and it is located on the partition in question. When looking in retrospect at the "backup set" window and the specific disk backup set and the member information tab...the one member shows 4.7Gig free. When looking at the properties for this member I see the following information. ------------------ Type: local volume File System: NTFS Used: 8.6 G Free: 11.5 G Total: 20.1 G Use at most: [ 20 ] G or [ 100 ] percent Location for backup data folder: [ P:\ ] ------------------ Why..oh why then...if there is 11.5Gig free, and retrospect can figure this out on this properties dialog does it also report that only 4.7Gig is free under the members tab? Note: The program really does believe there is only 4.7Gig usable as when I tried to backup about 5Gig of new data to this backup set...retrospect prompted me for a location to put the "2-nnnnn" member. Version Info: 7.5.324 -- Hot fix: Windows 2000 server 5.00.2195 - Service Pack 4