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  1. Thanks for the response. I am upgrading to 6.1 and I already have it installed on the OS X computer, but I have some catalogs that are 50-60 tapes and don't want to spend the money or time moving them forward. And by compatible I mean I want to continue writing and reading to the storage sets I already have going. Thanks Again
  2. I am running Retrospect 5.1 on my OS 9 computer and want to upgrade to a OS X version. Are the storage sets from 5.1 going to be compatible with the new version of Retrospect? I assume if they are they might have to go through a update process of some sorts? Thanks
  3. I have a little problem I can't seem to figure out. I am using Retrospect 5.1.177 and I have been trying to repair this backup set for weeks and I seem to get the same message every time. When I reach the 10th tape in the backup set (10 of 13) it will read about 21 Gb's of info from the tape then ask me if I want to save or revert. When I look at the Safety Backups of this set (which are identical) it says the tape has 47.1 Gb on the 10th tape. I have tried to shutdown the computer and Retro, turn on and on the AIT drive, and even tried cleaning the heads, thinking it might be some bad header data. If any one can shed some light on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, TY
  4. Thanks, You are probably right. I just don't see how the tapes would get of synch. Thanks, for your help. Tystik4056
  5. I don't see any errors. The problem is that I have two sets that I back up to. One is a master and the other is a saftey back up. The problem is that some where the two sets got out of sync. For example on the 11th tape of each the sets, one says there is 20.5 GB left on the tape and the other says there is 17.5GB left on the tape. So some where something didn't get backed up. I was wondering about how I could go through the snapshots or something and figure out what didn't get backed up or where the two sets got out of sync. Thanks, Tystik4056
  6. I have a set of backup AIT tapes that are out of sync that should be in parelle to each other. Is there a way to compare to stoarage sets and have retrospect tell me what files are out of synch?? Or at least does anyone have any two cents about this subject. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks, Tystik4056