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  1. Hi All... We are using Retrospect Multi Server Version 7.6.123 with Driver Update and Hot Fix, version Just recently I have noticed that our 'Managed Scripts' that transfer our backups from our raided HDD arrray to our LTO-3 tape machine are taking FOREVER to complete. Does anyone have any advice? Normally I might just try to rebuild the catalog file, however this is happening on both of our scripts (alternating weeks A/B). Also in the past this job would take maybe anywhere from 7-10 hours to complete but in the last few weeks it has evolved from 7-10 hours to 1-3 DAYS! - Our server should be more than powerful enough (2 x dual core xeon, 10gb ram, dedicated swap hdd, etc..) Anyone have any advice or things I could check possibly? Also - how is 7.x coming along? Still buggy? I want to upgrade desperately for the 64-bit memory addressing, etc... but not if it is buggy. Thanks!
  2. Hi All, We are still running Multi-Server 7.6.123. We really wanted to move up to 7.7 for the 64-bit capabilities but held back due to all the bugs. It has been many months now - would you say 7.7 has matured or is it still plagued by bugs and issues? We have a backup server with two dual core Xeon's and 10GB of ram that we'd really like to take advantage of with the 64-bit edition (hopefully) but don't want to make the plunge until things get worked out.. Any opinions on the state of 7.7? We backup a whole host of sources everything from ancient red hat (7) boxes all the way up to Windows Server 2003 R2. I remember there were issues with grooming specifically - any improvements? ** oh also. Does anyone have any idea if 7.7 now backs up Extended File Attributes in *nix? 7.6 doesn't and we have a heck of time when restoring these files as the permissions are all jacked up. thanks everyone.
  3. colletti

    Updates on bugs?

    We have been waiting YEARS for Retro to go x64 and to be able to really make use of our backup server (two dual core xeon's/10gb ram/dedicated 143gb scsi drive for pagefile) with 4TB of external raided storage via sas and running storage server 2003 R2 x64. But I'm SO glad I didn't recommend to my boss that we move up to 7.7! We are still getting along with 7.6 and we are going to stay here for as long as things are like this. Thank you guys for all your feedback and whining, you have really helped out a lot of Retro users. Sorry you were the guinea pigs, but stick it out or move back to 7.6. Those of us that didn't upgrade - our thoughts are with those of you who did and are suffering for it. Good luck getting back to a stable backup solution.
  4. Thanks for the advice! Yes, I couldn't help but noticed this board is full of issues with 7.7. We have 6.7 running as well as can be expected so I think we will stay put for know. Good luck to everyone that upgraded! I sure hope EMC will get everyone on 7.7 at least back to the performance they had with 6.7 - oh and please get the new iPhone app to work with Retrospect Windows servers please! It would be so much nicer to look down at an iPhone app rather than having to break out the laptop, get on the vpn, etc..
  5. Hi All, Our backup server is a Dell with two dual core cpu's, 10gb of ram, and a dedicated 143gb drive just for pagefile - running Windows 2003 Storage Server R2 SP2 x64. Has anyone seen a performance gain jumping up to the 64 bit version of Retrospect 7.7? I'd like to see better performance for the fast hardware we have and have hoped it was due to the limitations of 6.7 being 32bit. Can anyone comment or confirm this? The forum seems to be littered with problems with 7.7 now days! I don't want to spend more money if we will get slower performance and bugs. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the tip!!!! I had an old Linux client that had not been backed up in a long time. And the client had been removed from the Retro server under clients even though the retro daemon was still running on the client. Anyways when we tried to add the client back it would not take our default retro password! your instructions allowed us to reset the password on that client... Thanks again!
  7. Thanks for the reply. Does anyone have suggestions on trying to get this working? Are there any ways to install my drivers from the Windows recovery console or something of the like? Or should we give up on trying to make this work on different hardware (this is what I'm leaning towards)? Thanks again.
  8. can anyone help on this? We are testing a bare metal restore of a MS Project server. After running the disaster recovery CD and then restoring all of the data from the retrospect server we end up with this: - 9/22/2009 10:12:53 AM: Restoring from Backup Set D, Snapshot xxxxx, 9/11/2009 3:51:57 PM System configuration restored, please reboot the computer. Can't continue with client disaster recovery, error -1301 (unknown) 9/22/2009 12:32:25 PM: Execution incomplete When we try to boot we get an error on the screen saying it has something to do with the "computer disk hardware configuration problem". Do the hdd on the machines we are restoring to have to be exact as the original? Can we not test a bare metal restore to a test machine with different hardware? thanks,
  9. I'm suffering the same problem. I keep getting these emails from all but one of my four nightly backup sets: "From Retrospect: Script "User DIR 2 tape" failed during automatic execution, error -645 (chunk file damaged during save). Please launch Retrospect and check the log for details." Just to clarify. You guys are removing this file: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect\RtrSec.dir\machinename.dat Then do you just re-launch retrospect and it recreates the file? Didn't their phone support used to be open until 4p.m. PST? I called today at 3:30 p.m. PST and was blown away to find them closed. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  10. colletti

    RDC working again!!!!!

    ahh. yes.. of course.. "/console" = as if you are at the console.
  11. has anyone else tried running this from the command prompt: "mstsc /console" - then logon to your backup server? It seems to connect a different way than if you just click on the RDC app button in Programs\Accessories\Communications. I can get Retro to load now in an RDC window via this method.
  12. I've been dealing with the same issues as well and haven't had the time to troubleshoot this. Changing the users/permissions on that directory does not work. EMC tech support suggested VNC as a temporary solution and we have been doing this, however I much prefer RDC. hopefully a fix will come along for this soon. on a side note.. it's nice to see exchange 2007 is now supported - unfortunately two months after I was forced to purchase backupexec for our exchange 2k7 cluster..
  13. colletti

    I am getting tired...

    I wanted to chime in and just say I did not realize how much I actually like and prefer retrospect (and all of its many faults) until I was forced to use Backup Exec. We just upgraded our email organization to Exchange 2007 at our new data center and I was forced to go with Backup Exec, since retro does not support '07 yet. Backup Exec is a complete nightmare compared to Retrospect IMO.
  14. colletti

    anyone backup Exchange 2007 yet?

    Quote: The end of the year is pretty much now... And to top it off exchange 2007 SP1 should be available any day now, so when you introduce exchange 2007 support it will include compatibility with SP1 right? Exactly... this is why I had dug up my old post and asked the question again. we are near the end of the year. Multiple Exchange roll-ups have been released and we are close to SP1. we have been evaluating backup exec 11d but that product is a bit overkill for our shop and I'd prefer to continue to use retrospect. Does anyone know if Exchange 2007 CCR Clusters will be supported in retrospect?
  15. colletti

    anyone backup Exchange 2007 yet?

    Quote: Exchange 2007 is not currently supported. We hope to add support later this year. Does anyone have an update on possible exchange 2007 support yet?