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  1. Thanks for that! I purchased Restrospect after getting caught out after using the Backup in WindowsXP Pro. The Window XP backup sort of did the job (well, not really), but I want better automation, and I want the product to be able to restore single files, or the latest version without me having to know where they are on the backup. Retrosepct does that. I have used CA's ArcServe - it's OK, but a bit tricky to use. Retrospect seems to be easier to use with more features in the base version. Having spent money getting Retrospect, I won't be purchasing a product that supplies an inferior (seemingly) restore experience. I'm going to have to stop posting here, as it seems there is no answer here. And I'm not going to pay for a support call!
  2. The only interesting driver I'm running might be the NVIDIA video driver. It's ver 93.71. A previous post says that video drivers can be large. Ah! Could it be that I'm using a PC that is also used by my kids for games, rather than a server machine, which does not have sophisticated video drivers????!?? Other than that, I'm at a loss! I'm not going to lose sleep over this missing feature, as I like the product. It is easier to use than ArcServe. I know that there were issues in producing DR CD's in ArcServe, it must be a tricky thing to do. However it is annoying that this stated feature does not work. I first noticed this problem while I was still in the free support window. But I looked up the forum and read the FAQ's, so I decided to wait and do a clean install of windows, then do a Retrospect DR setup, to see if that fixed it. It didn't, and now I'm outside of the free support window. Ce la vi!
  3. G'day. I understand your comments, however I am using a Microsoft installation CD - Win XP Pro SP2. This is NOT a vendor created 'resinstall' disk or whatever. From reading the instructions, this CD should be able to produce a correctly sized ISO. As I stated in my previous posts this is a clean install of Windows, applications, patches and Retrospect onto an empty hard drive. I quite enjoy using Retrospect as it is easy to use, lots of features, etc. I used to work for CA, and had a lot of experience with ArcServe backup. The ability to produce a DR CD was an optional extra in ArcServe. One of the reasons I purchased Retrospect, was that DR CD production was built in. Certainly not the only reason. In a small home business (backing up 2 laptops and a PC) Retrospect is far easier to use than ArcServe, and comes with the features I need, already licensed. I know that I am able to recover from a failure of my PC, using Retrospect (as it is a good product). It just has the gloss taken off by the problems with this one misbehaving feature.
  4. That may very well be true (recovery - Live Restore). I am a person that doesn't like a problem to beat them. Finding an MS Retail WIndows XP Pro CD is very difficult. My work place doesn't have any. My Home PC's came with XP preinstalled and a lovely holographic CD from MS saying it should be purchased with a bit of hardware. Now I can't believe that a retail CD i386 folder would have LESS in the i386 folder, as the retail version would have to cater for any sort of hardware. The OEM CD's from Microsoft (we're not talking about those horrible things for Win 2000 pro - "recovery CD's". I hated them) would be the same, or less, as MS would require the OEM's to build to at least a certain build level. ANyway that is pure speculation. You have said that you have successfully produced a DR CD, would you please tell me the size of the i386 directory in your Win XP Pro install CD. Thanks very much
  5. Hi Mayoff, I've had a look at the article mentioned. I'm looking at the ISO produced (using WinRAR). I'm getting confused. There is a DRIVERS directory on the ISO, but it does not contain the files that are in the C:\Windows\system32\drivers directory. The DRIVERS directory looks like a duplicate of the top level directory on the ISO. I have a list of the files, and will post them if necessary. I'm assuming the Retrospect app directory is correct, as it is a clean install. The Config Folder looks fine. It has 5 files and 1 empty directory. It has a total of just over 1 meg in size. The i386 foloder looks like the one on the MS install CD. So other than the confusion regarding the DRIVERS directory, I'm at a loss to understand why this doesn't work. Cheers
  6. I don't know how large these posts can be. I tried to answer and included a list of the files on the ISO, and the post would not submit. I'll try again. Yes my copy of Windows XP Pro is an OEM. It came with the "white box" PC. I have modified the PC - more RAM, new CPU, new video card, more disk. I have looked into the ISO (using WinRAR). It appears that there is a lot of duplication of files in the root directory (top level directory - I come from a Unix background) and the "DRIVERS" directory. Is this correct? If not, how do you get rid of extras? I really would like to get this feature working!
  7. I am a Retrospect novice! Today I installed a new HD in my PC, and loaded Windows XP Pro (SP2) from its original CD. I reloaded my applications (MS Office XP, ZoneAlarm, antivirus and Palm S/W). I had saved my Data (My documents, etc) on an external 300 Gig USB2 HD. After everything seemed to be OK, I reformatted the External drive. Loaded Retrospect 7.5 Professional (got the updates) then did a backup onto that 300 Gig external disk, AND also ticked Disaster Recovery. I also have produced an ISO file too big to be burned onto a CD (it's about 720 Gb). It seems to me I have a clean install. My Windows CD is a genuine XP Pro with SP2. Why would Retrospect be putting extra files into the ISO. It's a clean install. It's less than 24 hours old! I don't know what to remove or extract to enable this software to work correctly. I usually try knowledge bases, FAQ's and Forums before I call Technical Support. It seems I should call tech Support immediately?