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    pcpds.exe freezing client system?

    Additional clarification from the developer who initially reported the problem" "Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that no backup was running - I just meant that it was never "just after" clicking the backup/defer response (and fwiw my response to that dialog is pretty much always "backup"). I assume that in each case, a backup was running, but it may be relevant to know that I think in all cases, it was at least an hour since seeing the "Backup/Defer" dialog (which I presume precedes every backup job?)." "I know it's pcpds.exe because I use Process Monitor from sysinternals.com, which shows me not just a graph of cpu usage, but also the process consuming the most cpu time as part of the graph. 100% of the time that I've looked into it following one of these multi-minute freezes, pcpds.exe has appeared as the most active process. I gave up checking after perhaps 20 times. Also note that this started happening days after retrospect was installed on my laptop.... and this never happened in the two years I've had the laptop before installing retrospect."
  2. jfelczak

    pcpds.exe freezing client system?

    Spoke with the developer who initially reported the problem, and did some more testing with him whenever the problem has recurred. Clarification: I had misunderstood the initial report when I indicated that no backup was taking place when the freezes occur. While they often do occur as much as an hour or more after the client's Proactive Backup dialogue box disappears, in actual fact a backup *is* still running when the freeze occurs. The past several times it's happened I've checked the executions tab of the server GUI and found in every case what the server reported it was backing up was "Registry". M> Does the problem go away when the Retrospect Client service has been disabled? Yes, it does. When the "Off" radio button is selected in the client GUI the problem does not occur. M> What are the steps to reproduce this problem? It occurs spontaneously during the proactive backup execution, in all cases when "Registry" is what is being backed up. M> What is the exact version of the client installed on each of these computers? All of our client systems run client 7.5.111. At the time our developer initially reported this problem he was running this same version. He subsequently upgraded his client to 7.5.116 to see if that would fix the problem, but no change in behavior occurred after the upgrade. M> What version of the OS do the clients run? What service packs? Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2
  3. jfelczak

    pcpds.exe freezing client system?

    Thank you for the quick response! I'll follow up with them once our office reopens after the Thanksgiving holiday and respond with the information requested.
  4. jfelczak

    pcpds.exe freezing client system?

    Gladly! Just let me know what additional information you need and I'll get and post it.
  5. One of our senior programmers reports that pcpds.exe, which is part of the Retrospect Client, intermittently and temporarily locks up his and another developer's systems for periods of time up to 5 minutes in duration, at times when no Retrospect backup is being performed. Symptom: machine stops responding to any input, even mouse movement. CPU is nowhere near 100%. Our chief architect's hypotheses is that this executable is grabbing an interrupt and locking all other processes out of access to CPU resources. After about 5 minutes the system starts responding normally again. Configuration: Retrospect 7.5 for Windows running on Windows 2003 Server, backing up an assortment of local and remote laptops mostly running Windows XP Professional. Couldn't find anything in the knowledgebase or existing forum posts that seemed relevant to this issue. Has anyone else experienced this problem or know what might be causing it? Thanks in advance.