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  1. Using: Retrospect Multi-Server 7.5.324 on Windows Server 2003 SP1, latest Retrospect Client for Linux 7.5.112 on Fedora Core 5 ---- I have a problem. When backing up a Fedora Core 5 machine, the backup fails with the error: Trouble reading files, error -540 (trouble creating service) At the same time, I receive the following message in /var/log/retroclient.log: TransStart: waitpid failed with error 10 2 Seconds before this, I receive a message in /var/log/retropds.log: fetFileSpec: unexpected EOF on "/path/to/file" Files that have been listed: /var/lib/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases /var/log/samba/xxxx.log ---- I am excluding directories or files that get listed in hopes of eliminating the EOF errors, but does anyone know why this is happening, or if my chain of events is actually causally linked? I've seen this "trouble creating service" error message discussed in another thread about Fedora Core 2, but there is no mention of the EOF error message. Things are working fine on other Fedora Core machines, including 5, so this is the only one that is failing. It is also the only one that uses dhcpd, and does as much samba sharing. Any hints, ideas, or contributions would be appreciated. Thanks, Sean