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  1. It happened once over a week ago and then it stopped. I'm not sure why it took this long to reoccur, but it backed him up today. After I initiated a backup it made me think it has only happened over a weekend. I got several errors last time over a weekend & it stopped. The this weekend the same thing I'm trying to get the server access to the net so I can update it, but so far no luck. It is being blocked so it can not get out. As soon as it is given access I will update. Thanks for the heads up on that one. I'm sure it will happen again & if I find out anything new I will post.
  2. I did a search for this error, and if there is a solution for it, I didn't find it Here is my problem. I'm running: Windows Server 2003 Version 5.2 Service Pack 1 Retrospect is Single Server 7.5.251 I have one laptop out of 15 or more that has this error. The rest are fine. This laptop reports this error every time Retrospect tries to hit it. I got 400 emails this weekend from this error. 3 emails every half hour. The first email says "Can't access volume Local Disk (C:) on SY10664 - Bob Simpson, error -557 (transaction already complete)" The second email says "From Retrospect: Script "Mobile Backups-Acct&HR" failed during automatic execution, error -557 (transaction already complete). Please launch Retrospect and check the log for details." The third email just says script incomplete. When looking at the log, it says: Can't access volume Local Disk (C:) on sy10664 - Bob Simpson, error -557 (transaction already complete) 2/18/2008 4:23:13 AM: Execution incomplete Anyone have any ideas Tim
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    Hidden Files

    Thank You! I thought so, but figured I better ask
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    Hidden Files

    This is probably an easy question that is answered right out in the open somewhere, but I could not quickly find it. I'm also sure the answer to this is yes, but since my boss brought it up, I can not say with certainty nor can I find anything to confirm this for me. I did search the forum but could get nothing narrowed down to any less than 1,000 posts. We are running Retrospect Single Server 7.5.251, and after one of the upper executives laptops crashed, he asked me a question. "Are all hidden files backed up when performing a back up?" He wants to make sure all the hidden stuff is backed up so that when we say rebuild a "Documents and Settings/username" folder that it brings along with it all the invisible stuff that is needed to recreate their directory. He brought this up after this person's operating system went south. We could get to their Documents and Settings folder, so we asked it to display invisible files, copied everything to a server, & then Reformatted. We then copied back everything, hid the files, and all was good. The reason he asked about the invisibles is because we have to make them display so we can copy them to a different location and then copy them back. He just wants to make sure when Retrospect backs-up that it is copying everything it needs. I can not believe that it would not copy everything, but when checking backup, I don't think I saw the hidden files in backup. Maybe they are there & still hidden, but my guess would be if I can not see it, it is not there. If that's the case, why is it not backing them up & what do I have to do to make it back them up?
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    rdb files not being recognized

    That is what I did before. But to be sure, I printed it out and followed it to the letter and got the exact same results. It creates an empty catalog. For all I know, it could be correct except for the fact that the folder contains 1736 files that are 35 gig and range in date from 12/16/4 to 5/5/6. Is there anything else I can do to make to make it recreate or the catalog from the files? I'm sure there is an error some where, but not really sure where or with what or what to do about it if I should find it. Tim Auto Meter Products, Inc.
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    rdb files not being recognized

    I tried to Restore/Find Files, but I can't get it to work. It will not let me do anything because it wants me to select the catalog. So I select the one I just recreated and it says the the catalog is empty. I can't seem to figure out how to get around the fact that the catalog I recreate is always empty or how to get it to just go to the rdb file and grab it from those. But I am guessing that it is not possible to just go to the rdb files. I know there is something there because when I look at the folder, it says it has 1736 files that are 35 gig and range in date from 12/16/4 to 5/5/6. I am sure there is something I am doing wrong but don't have a clue what LOL. Thanks for any help you can give! Tim Auto Meter Products, Inc.
  7. I have read many posts from people who have had the same problem that I am having, but I did not see a solution. Then again maybe I just gave up to soon after seeing so many not figuring it out. Here is what it happening. I am taking over backup for our company. I am trying to move some old disc to disc snapshots to tape for off site storage. The problem is some of these are old and do not have the catalog file. When I try to Repair a catalog/Restore from Disc, it does not recognize the rdb files. I select Repair catalog/recreate from disc/All Discs/ and browse to the folder containing the rdb files. I then click OK when the folder is highlighted. It asks me to name the file & I save it off to a new location. When I try to transfer the snapshot it says the backup set is empty. If I click the back up, it says it contains no files. When I know the folder contains 36 gig worth of files. Any new ideas of how to make this work? This is Retrospect 7.5. Thanks, Tim