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  1. I too have this problem, that the Retrospect client is turned off, not by me, and there is no visible way of turning it on. Restarting and trusting to luck that something unknown will magically make it restart seems a bit unprofessional. Can't Retrospect personnel respond to this question? (9.0.0 - 187 on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update).
  2. DPBicket

    Crashes under Vista

    Has anyone experienced repeated crashes like me while running Retrospect 7.6.123 (with driver update & hotfix under Vista (Ultimate)? I thought I had a motherboard problem, but a rebuilt OS runs without crashing. But after re-installing Retrospect, whenever I run it, it usually - but not always - crashes Vista and I get the following message upon reboot: "Execution terminated unexpectedly, possibly due to a power failure or system crash." Current problems are while trying to rebuild a catalog on a Buffalo Terastation 1.5gb Network Drive, but I have also had it in the past trying to backup a networked PC to local drives. Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas?
  3. DPBicket

    BSOD with Retrospect

    I have the same problem - BSODs with Bad Pool Header messages trying to back up a client with a replacement/reimaged hard disk. Reinstalling 7.5 client has no effect. I can try the workaround approach above, but why can't the product do what it says on the package?
  4. Could someone from EMC Insignia - or one of the many talented contributers to these forums - please put together a guide which consolidates most of the known issues potentially involved in dealing with error 1017, and add it to the knowledgebase? I bought Retrospect Professional over a year ago after a disk crash, and it has subsequently saved me in a number of lesser incidents. But problems with Retrospect seem to occur from time to time, and can be so difficult to resolve that I will seriously consider buying something else - suggestions welcomed. (Norton Ghost is the only really reliable backup I know, but that is too drastic for everyday use and a terabyte of data. I have just started trying a new approach, namely a 2TB Raid 5 NAS unit for external and backup storage.) Error 1017 is a case in point of the frustrating problems that can arise with Retrospect, and it can be generated apparently in a multitide of different situations, with variations dependent on the version of Retrospect etc. Over several months of having incomplete backups, I have spent many hours going through the knowledgebase, and these forums, trying different alternatives such as how Retrospect is logged in, and system restore needing to be disabled (really?). I finally seem to have found a workaround for my own problem - running backup once with open file backup enabled (which gives me quite a few 1017 errors); and then once without - which gives quite a few 1020 and other errors. Not a very elegant solution, but it seems to work. (FWIW, I have Retrospect 7.0, and my problems are all on the local machine where I have it installed. I run a network client backup of my laptop without any problems. Those all seem to be factors which affect the nature of 1017 errors, and possible solutions.)
  5. DPBicket

    Error 519 and Network Disconnects

    Hi Foster, thank you for your fast response and the advice. I apologize for not replying sooner, but with my job workload and the prospect of updating software had to wait for the weekend. But today I unexpectedly found the solution. My Belkin Pre-N MIMO Wireless Router simply died. No lights. Nothing. I had to go to my old wire-only DrayTek Vigor2600 Router as a backup. And then tried the Retrospect backup. It worked perfectly. Bottom line: it appears my Belkin router had been in the process of failing for over a month, but lower speed connections managed with it. But the demands of Retrospect backup were too much and that was what was causing those failures. I have no idea why it caused my desktop PCs connections to fail, but given that it is no longer happening, don't have to solve that one. When I previously read comments in other messages about possible problems in the LAN, I thought it was a bit excessive, and that this couldn't be my problem. But it seems to have been. You guys know what you are talking about. Thanks again.
  6. Can anyone help? I have Error 519 in trying to backup my laptop from my desktop. (Using Professional, client 7.0.107 both on XP.) In the past it has worked fine, but for last month it has never completed, but starts backups ok then terminates with error 519 after varying number of files copied - typically up to 50. Additionally, it terminates all network connectivity - I cannot then access my LAN eg via IE or email. All is ok if I reboot. (Just logging off/on does not help.) I have checked Tech Note 415 and forums, and checked/tried several ideas there, but nobody I can find has mentioned this network disconnect problem. Ideas (or a solution!!) gratefully received.