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  1. In Configure->Preference->Security window, is the "Use Default" button also grayed out. If not, you may try to click it to let the "Run Retrospect as the logged-in user" option set as default. Not sure if this suits to your case, since I am using 7.5.370 on WinXP.
  2. What is the version of your Retrospect? I tested it with Retrospect6.1 and it could backup the windows client that had no user logged in. For error 541, please read this article for some hints: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=6366&p=2
  3. Yes, you can restore specific files or folders by the following steps: 1. Launch Retrospect7.5 Pro application. 2. Go to Restore->Restore Wizard, click the "Switch to Advanced Mode" link bottom at wizard window. 3. Choose "Restore Files and Folders" option. 4. Select backup set and snapshot by clicking the "Source" button at "Restore from backup set" window. 5. Select destination and retrieve method by clicking the "Destination" button. 6. Select(Tick) the specific files or folders by clicking the "File Chosen" button. 7. Click "Restore" button to run the restore. 8. Go to the destination to check if the selelcted files or folders are restored correctly.
  4. What kind of backup set do you use to back up your PC? File backup set? How do you back up your PC, via client software or network sharing? Please note: For all macintosh Retrospect versions, due to AppleShare limitations, when using Retrospect for Macintosh to write a File Backup Set to a volume over the network, you will be limited to a 2GB file unless your backup computer and destination support Apple's AFP 3.1 and later. For details, please read this article: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=6341&p=2
  5. This error appears when a media problem occurred on a source volume. Try verifying your source volume(i.e. your C drive) using a disk utility or the formatting program that came with your hard drive. Use ScanDisk on a Windows computer.
  6. yingqing

    Vista Support?

    Hi http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=9605&p=2
  7. 1. For error 3043, please read this article: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=5365&p=2 2. 'didn't compare at offset' error, please read this article: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=6216&p=2 3. 'different modify date/time' error, please read this article: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=6222&p=2 4. Try to run the backup again and let the whole process complete. Usually the verification process may take a while because it will verify the source volume with the destination volume to make sure thay are indentical.
  8. yingqing

    Why are older snapshots retrieved before grooming?

    Have you really retrieved the old snapshots to comfirm if these are the old shanpshots which you choose to "Forget"? Usually Retrospect will only show the active snapshots in the backup set's snapshot property window. If you click the "Add" button at snapshot property window, it will bring you all available snapshots for this backup set.
  9. If the catalog file rebuild is successful, the new catalog file should not be "empty". It should have almost same size with the previous catalog file. You'd better do the catalog file rebuild again and do not stop the "backup maintainance" when RE run the catalog rebuild. Please note the catalog file rebuild may take a long time if you have many restore points on your Maxtor drive.
  10. yingqing

    path too long error - 1128

    Actually the real path name when create a folder "max" on desktop is "C:\Documents and Settings\Matthew Wendeln\Desktop\max". You'd better create a folder in your C drive root path, for example "C:\Max", and set this folder as your restore destination.
  11. yingqing

    Best backup method help

    1. First run a full backup of your file server to the disk backup set on your external hard disk. 2. Create a daily normal backup script to back up the file server to the disk backup set. 3. Create a daily snapshot transfer script to transfer the most recent snapshot(i.e. the changed and new added files) of this disk backup set to the tape backup set. The snapshot transfer script must be scheduled after the completion of file server's backup.
  12. Error -535 is a backup client connection error, not a Email sending error. Are you sure you got this error when you clicked the "Send Test E-Mail" button?
  13. Make sure you quit the Retrospect Express HD application by right clicking the Retrospect red icon at the taskbar before you delete the RestorePoint.rbc file.
  14. yingqing

    Disaster Recovery file won't fit on CD

    Please read this article: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=5989&p=2
  15. yingqing

    Rebuild catalog without old versions?

    When you run the restore, make sure you choose the correct snapshot which contains the latest version of your data from the backup set.