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  1. Mayoff, the wmi error occured on my test environment and the beta patch fixed it. In my production environment I am a little gun-shy to upgrade but am getting a little worried that I am now 2 versions behind. Is there a site I can check to see when that beta release becomes official?
  2. I did and it fixed the problem on the one machine I tested. I missed that in this thread. THANK YOU!!!!!
  3. Date: 4/2/2008 Can't back up WMI Repository, error 34578848 (unknown) I have been getting this error daily on all my machines since the upgrade. It looks like a new upgrade is being released today. I will report back if that fixed the error.
  4. My backups have been running smooth for months and recently I noticed a few of the exchange mailboxes are logging errors of Duplicate dirid detected: 0x00000000. example: - 8/18/2007 5:55:07 PM: Copying LeighAnn Schoen on exch1 mlvtrDirStore: Bad tree, duplicate dir found, name=Calendar. Scan skipping multiple subfolders with same name Calendar. mlvtrDirStore: Bad tree, duplicate dir found, name=Contacts. Scan skipping multiple subfolders with same name Contacts. mlvtrDirStore: Bad tree, duplicate dir found, name=Drafts. Scan skipping multiple subfolders with same name Drafts. mlvtrDirStore: Bad tree, duplicate dir found, name=Journal. Scan skipping multiple subfolders with same name Journal. mlvtrDirStore: Bad tree, duplicate dir found, name=Notes. Scan skipping multiple subfolders with same name Notes. mlvtrDirStore: Bad tree, duplicate dir found, name=Tasks. Scan skipping multiple subfolders with same name Tasks. While scanning volume LeighAnn Schoen, Folder LeighAnn Schoen\Calendar\, Duplicate dirid detected: 0x00000000 Folder LeighAnn Schoen\Contacts\, Duplicate dirid detected: 0x00000000 Folder LeighAnn Schoen\Drafts\, Duplicate dirid detected: 0x00000000 Folder LeighAnn Schoen\Journal\, Duplicate dirid detected: 0x00000000 Folder LeighAnn Schoen\Notes\, Duplicate dirid detected: 0x00000000 Folder LeighAnn Schoen\Tasks\, Duplicate dirid detected: 0x00000000 8/18/2007 5:58:17 PM: Snapshot stored, 21.0 MB 8/18/2007 5:59:08 PM: 6 execution errors Completed: 28 files, zero KB Performance: 0.0 MB/minute Duration: 00:04:01 (00:03:12 idle/loading/preparing) Restrospect 7.5.387 on Windows Server 2003 Anyone had this error and knows how to correct it? Any help would be great, Thanks, Philo171
  5. This will be a little longer, need to wait until after tax season. I did get the user to make the mailbox from 11 to 8gb. Progress kind of.
  6. This is going to take a little longer, one mailbox is 10gb!!! The other is around 2.8gb, which is not as large in comparison to the rest of the store. I think will be giving an archive clinic this week.
  7. That post is close to the problem but, not it. It consistantly happens on the same 2 mailboxes everynight. I think I might try moving them from store to store then see if that clears up the issue, haven't tried that trick yet. I'll report back with my results.
  8. Still getting this consistantly... If anyone else has any ideas
  9. I just looked on my system, everything is up to date and there wasn't an update on 8/28/07. I updated mine last on around 7/12/07. Maybe this will help someone- When you refer to updating retrospect on the three, do you mean that three was three client updates?
  10. The exchange store looks all right too, is there something in there that you would like me to look at specifically?
  11. That's not it, the disk is healthy and clean. Still getting the same error in retrospect. Any other ideas?
  12. I don't want to move the data (I do though to rule out the corrupt message possibility) because it is in production getting hit constantly. I think it has more to do with the fact that the folder isn't located on that mailserver and that retrospect is seeing the replica. Retrospect only gives one option on public folders and that it to select "all public folders." If I could select individual public folder I could tell it which ones are really on that mail server as opposed to other mail servers. For now I am not going to back up public folders because they are being replicated on other servers. All suggestions welcome.
  13. I can't figure out why I can't backup my public folders. It is backing up mailboxes no problem. Once it gets to the public folder it errors out almost immediately. Permissions? Corruption? Any thoughts? entire log: + Normal backup using Exchang1 Incr public folder at 3/28/2007 1:45 AM (Execution unit 1) To Backup Set exch1 [001]... - 3/28/2007 1:45:00 AM: Copying All Public Folders on exchang1 T-9: TMailboxFind::Init: GetContentsTable failed on folder 'All Public Folders\Company Shared Calendar & Contacts'., winerr -2147467259, error -3420 Scanning incomplete, error -3420 (unknown) other info: Retrospect Win Server 2003 EE sp2 This is a new setup, I've never successfully backed up these public folders. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Philo
  14. helpdesk

    Unknown errors

    The knowledgebase addresses this issue: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=8013&p=2
  15. Still won't backup, shorted name too didn't help. Any ideas?
  16. If you have more than 5 users (active directory) on the Small business server I would not recommend running a virtual server backup test. If you have less than 5 I would try it in the off hours as long as your Small Business server has a lot of ram. My 2 cents on an ideal test You have an HP g4 so the likelyhood of you outgrowing or replacing that server because of age is not likely. Buy an older g2 (ml310, ml350 or dl380) from a dealer or from ebay $200-$300 run the test then resell it for the same amount when you are done. Compare this temporary cost, to the cost of losing your data or consider it a training cost. I don't see a good way to solve your test problem without throwing money at it. Can you create a dummy mail user, back it up, then try to restore that users mailbox? Would this satisfy your requirement? Philo
  17. I changed the public folder Company Shared Calendar & Contacts to: Company Shared Calendar and Contacts Will run a backup tonight. I think I read somewhere that &s were not good.
  18. My backup systems were working perfect for three months until I upgraded Retrospect to Now all my exchange mail boxes report like this in the error log: - 10/10/2006 10:00:15 PM: Copying Scheduler2 on BP-MAIL Retrospect error code error -3402 (unknown) Reported by function kMsg_DirScan Access to mailboxes from the specified account has failed. This user's mailbox may not be initialized. You may initialize it by either starting Outlook as that user or by sending the user a mail message. Scanning incomplete, error -3402 (unknown) I think it has something to do with the client, for when I click on the volume tab for the mail server it comes back with an error "Can't track volumes, error -3402 (unknown)" Deleting the client than restoring it doesn't do anything. The "login as" permissions should be correct because it was working for 3 months. Other information: Backup is on Windows Server 2003 Mail Server is on Windows Server 2003 and Exchange 2003 Any ideas on how to fix? Philo171
  19. The Answer (I think): It also turns out on the day I upgraded, I also cleaned up active directory. I hid the Exchange Server admin account from the exchange address list. I unhid it and now when I click on the mail client it can resolve the volume. Running an incremental backup now, I think it will work. Philo171