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  1. Acronis is similar product to Retrospect. It is less sophisticated in large business network capabilities, but comparable and fully adequate for home/small business. Much more user-friendly. FYI, I used virginal Win XP SP2 disc, and still had ISO too large. Inspection of the iso revealed no unusually large drivers/files. Same Disaster Recovery disc creation with Acronis worked perfectly, as did the one that comes with Roxio 9 (I think it's just a repackaged Backup My PC program). I've stopped downloading trial backup programs and testing their DR function - simply paid for Acronis and am devoting time to more productive issues. Goodbye Retrospect. You used to be the best and I'm sorry to see you go downhill.
  2. Downloaded trial copy of Acronis 10. Delightfully simple and straightforward. Works perfectly right out of the box - did a test: created recovery disc, backed up C:, rebooted with recovery CD, restored C: to an external USB drive I'll reformat tonight to get rid of the test. Everything worked smoothly.
  3. I recieved the below from EMC (read starting from bottom): Dear Ryan, That is an incredibly useless answer, actually an insult - check your forum - lots of people are having this problem, and I shouldn't have to pay extra for a solution. If you have one, post it! ----- Original Message ----- From: <DeHeus_Ryan@emc.com> To: <bleiberg@erols.com> Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2006 5:20 PM Subject: Retrospect Technical Support Options Dear Joseph, Thank you for choosing EMC Insignia Products! This issue would best be handled by a EMC Insignia technician. Unfortunately, EMC Insignia no longer offers technical support via email. You may be within your free support period. To see if you are eligible for free support please call EMC Insignia Technical Support at 888.777.5664 M-F 6:00- 5:00 Pacific Standard time. If you have any questions, please contact us by email, or call our Customer Service Department. North America: Telephone: 800.225.4880 Fax: 925.955.8885 Email: emcinsignia_customerservice@emc.com Monday - Thursday, 6:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific Time Friday, 6:00 am - 4:00 pm Pacific Time (Holidays Excluded) Thank you for your business, Ryan
  4. Tried using the free download of Novastor. Had no problem making disaster recovery disc ISO small enough to fit on CD. I used identical Win XP2 disc, same computer, etc. that Retrospect failed on. Even tested the disc, and it boots my computer just fine. Retrospect should address and correct this problem.
  5. I have same problem; everything on my computer is new and clean, Question: how does the above burning software solve problem if file is too large for CD?