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    BSOD with Retrospect

    The latest version of Retrospect has started crashing the computer when a backup of a local drive is done (Bad Pool Header is the BSOD message). It works on networked disks, but not the local disk (which is new and checks out fine with check disk.) Norton Ghost backs up the drive OK, as does Veritas BUMP. Any thoughts?
  2. ltorg

    -519 error on one folder

    well, no replies to date (except for one unkind snide remark by a member who thinks he's God's gift to backups) - this means tech support either doesn't read this forum, or if they do they don't want to bother with answering the question. In the last year, there have been about 600 posts, and about 12% are unanswered. It's unusual for the percentage to be that high - not a single other piece of critical software I have has that high a "no reply" ratio. Guess EMC just doesn't really want this line of business. We're now using open source drive imaging to NAS in my 50-machine lab at work, and I guess I'll do the same for my desktop and home machines.
  3. ltorg

    -519 error on one folder

    Hi - I'm backing up a machine with 4 partitions over a LAN using Retrospect 7.5.387 with the 7.5.116 client, and things have worked OK for quite a while - but recently I keep getting Error -519 Network Comm Failed when backing up one of the partitions. I tracked the problem down to a single folder (\eudora\embedded) which has one or more files in it that just won't read over the network for some reason. I copied the entire subdirectory to a new location, and same result. One of the files it stalls on is a .jpg that opens fine. Ran antivirus (ESET NOD32) and antispyware software on the folder, backed it up OK with Norton Ghost and Veritas but for some reason Retrospect just refuses to cooperate. Any idea what's going on or how to troubleshoot it?? thanks!
  4. thanks! - I'll try the slipstream business, copy the result on the HD with the backup files and try again.
  5. Hi - I've got Retrospect 7.5.324 with Disaster Recovery licensed. I backed up a 45 MB C: drive to a file on D: and the backups seem to work fine (no errors on verify.) Next step was to try to make a boot disk for recovery - selected the backup set (OK), then found that it wouldn't read my Windows install disks on either CD or DVD burners - and when RS is running, trying to open the CD from File Explorer gives me an "access denied"message. With RS closed, both drives open the CD fine. (RS properly identifies both drives under the device configuration window by the way). So I copied the WinXP Upgrade disk (SP1) to a folder on D:, and just in case I also copied a full install WinXP (SP2) disk on to D: Then I tried to make the recovery iso again - this time pointing to the WinXP Upgrade copy on D: (which is what this machine used originally) - it liked that, and I got as far as the point where it scans all the files on the C: drive, but then it just hangs when it starts to build the iso image - the program runs about 97% CPU utilization, and I let it run for an hour before cancelling it. I tried the same steps with the full install disk copy on D: as well, same result. Any tips would be appreciated! (2GHz P4, WinXP Pro, 1 GB ram.)
  6. I've used Retrospect on my Macs at work for a number of years, so I'm pretty comfortable with it. But now I'm facing Windows and Linux... At home I have 2 WinXP systems and 1 Linux box with a removeable drive. My old strategy was to back up the Windows machines to their own removeable drives, but I want to consolodate all that. Since Retrospect for Windows 7.5 doesn't have a Linux version that I'm aware of, can I use one Windows computer to back up both the windows boxes over the network to a Samba shared Linux drive (the removeable one)? Will a recovery CD be able to recover a backup off the networked drive? (Say one Win HD dies, I replace the drive, boot from a recovery CD and recover from the networked drive backup..) thanks for any tips!