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  1. Hi Russ -- and other contributors. Very many thanks for your help in nailing this problem. I have fixed it! Here's what was going on... I use an external hard disc, "Daily Backup" to back up changed files each morning. After running retrospect, a script in REH ejects the disc (so that it's not read repeatedly, slowing open file dialogs. But in REH I also use the script "on RetrospectStart." This checks the list of mounted discs to confirm that Daily Backup is mounted. If it is't, the script uses a shell script command to mount it. The shell script refers to the disc not by name, but by number -- disc1s6. Now, when I installed Mac OS 10.5.8, I reconnected the data and power cables of an internal disc I hadn't used for some time (so that I could create a bootable duplicate of my 10.4.11 disc.) This action changed the address of the external disc Daily Backup from disc1s6 to disc2s6. Now, I shut down my Mac each night, so when I start Retrospect in the morning, Daily Backup is always there. However, if I try to run Retrospect for a second time, Daily Backup is not mounted (because REH ejected it on quit). REH runs, and attempts to mount disc1s6. This was throwing an error which crashed retrospect. Anyway, I'm very grateful for your help. Bye, Richard
  2. Brilliant Idea! I removed REH from [startup Disc]/Library/Preferences/Retrospect/ Retrospect then opened fine repeatedly. Now just need to figure out whether I actually use REH for anything...
  3. Hi Russ Well, I guess I could do this, but the machine on which I am running retrospect has just had a clean install (ie. erase and install.) It was a painful process, and I lost two or three days work doing it. I've got a very slow internet connection, and some updates took four hours to download. Rather than go through that again, I would prefer to buy the upgrade to Retrospect 8. Do you think that would make the problem go away?
  4. Thanks for this information. Exactly what part of the configuration is not supported, and what do I do about it? Do I have to get v8 of Retrospect? I take it that you mean have I repaired permissions using Disk Utility? Yes, I have, and this did not solve the crashing problem. Thanks for your help
  5. Yes, it did I am running Retrospect 6.1.230 with RDU on a Dual 2 Ghz PowerPC G5 with 3.5 GB RAM under OS 10.5.8
  6. I'm sorry. Of course, I am running 10.5.8 Leopard
  7. Yes, it's only running once
  8. I am having the exact same problem as Limpid Lizard, except that Retrospect runs after I have restarted my G5 (OS 10.6.8). If I try to run it a second time, crashes on launch. I have followed all the suggestions made by rhwalker. No fix. Thanks for any help