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  1. Thank you guys a ton for writing back. The new driver update does in fact work with the UJ-85J drive (at least with a DVD+RW)! I was about a week away from purchasing a different piece of software, but I'll stick with Retrospect for now since it appears to be working. Any idea why this drive isn't listed? Thanks again.
  2. Looks like a new driver update today, that still does not list the UJ-85J. Good-bye Retrospect. Thanks for the memories.
  3. Dave, Thanks for the technical information. To answer your question, I'd rather have a product that works, by a company that continues to support its products. You mentioned that "Retrosect works the way it does..." Unfortunately, those of us with this particular drive still don't have Retrospect driver support, and therefore, Retrospect does not work. The last driver update was 2006-11-28. It's now four months later and still no new drivers. The new iMacs came out in September or October. You'd think that this drive would be supported by now! What we'd like to know, as Retrospect customers considering dumping Retrospect for another product, is whether or not this drive will ever be supported and when. If it won't be supported and/or EMC can't give us a date when it will be, could someone give us some alternative products.
  4. I wish I knew the answer to that question since I'm dead in the water too. I've basically set up a backup scheme to temporarily backup to an external drive, but it's not ideal by any means since that HD is my juke box backup. Seems silly that Retrospect works the way it does. Toast 6, not even the current version of Toast, burns to the new drive and recognizes the dual layer support. I didn't update Toast and it's really old! Someone on the Retrospect team should see how they're doing it so they don't have to write a silly driver every time a new drive comes out.
  5. Update: So far I can't get Retrospect to configure any DVD media. DVD-RW and DVD+RW failed. Both worked just fine on my old Mac.
  6. Hi everyone, I just bought one of the new Core2Duo Intel iMacs and it has a Matshita UJ-85J dual layer DVD drive. I don't see any support information for it on the support site anywhere. Does anyone have any idea if this drive is supported? I'm trying to configure it using the latest version of Retrospect 6.1 and the latest RDU. So far it rejects on the DVD-RW media. Perhaps Retrospect doesn't support the -R/-RW formats as with other DL drives. I'm trying +RW right now, but it's been taking a long time to blank. Has anyone else tried using Retrospect on the new drives?