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    Odd error

    The following error: VssWEnumWriterMetadata: GatherWriterMetadata failed, winerr -2147024882, error -1018 was output to the log when running a backup using retrospect. Retrospect's website says that error 1018 is an out of memroy error, but I see no reason why my PC should be out of memory. Does anyone know how to solve this? Robin
  2. RobinBarnes

    Error 802, can't svae snapshot file

    - 28/09/2006 16:23:39: Copying Local Disk (C:) on MY_CLIENT tyceDoMark: DL 4359, item refnum 0xfffb8200 bad Can't save Snapshot file, error -802 (typed-space is corrupt) 28/09/2006 17:35:27: Execution incomplete Completed: 78171 files, 5.7 GB Performance: 149.3 MB/minute Duration: 01:11:47 (00:03:49 idle/loading/preparing) I get the above error newar to the end of the execution of a immidiate backup on a single client. Does anyone know what this means? Robin
  3. Thanks alot, this worked perfectly, Robin
  4. Hi, I am running retrospect 7.5 professional on windows xp. I just installed retrospect 7.5 client on a fedora core 4 machine. When I try and add the client by going to Configure->Clients in the windows xp copy of retrospect, I get error 530 (backup client not found). When running /etc/init.d/rcl status on linux it says: "www_lisa": Version 7.5.112 back up according to normal schedule currently on readonly is off exclude is off 0 connections, 0 authenticated Please help! Thanks in advance, Robin
  5. Hi, When we had retrospect 7.0 professional with 1 server and 2 client licenses we were able to use Retrospect to create disaster recovery cds for all 3 Windows XP pcs. Now we have upgraded to Retrospect Professional version 7.5 we are prompted for an additional license for the disaster recovery add on pack when we try to create a disaster recovery cd iso. This never happened with retrospect 7.0. Is this something that has changed between the two versions, tech support says it isn't and we need to by two client disaster recovery licenses, and we must have had these to make it work in 7.0, but we didnt. Robin