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  1. I have installed SP3 on my Exchange 2007 server and now my Retrospect client claims that it can't "reserve backup client, error -505 (backup client reserved). I have started/stopped/restarted the Retrospect Client to no avail. Two weeks ago I had finally gotten the backup system to correctly view/backup individual mailboxes after many install/uninstall of the MAPI CDO programs and copying the files to the SysWOW64 folders. I have double checked the file locations etc for all the steps, and nothing there changed so what is up now?
  2. I want to move my Retrospect application to a different server, and want to know the easiest way to make sure all the license files/settings get moved with the greatest of ease.
  3. Here is a copy of my operations log for today on the exchange server. I have uninstalled and re-installed the Exchange MAPI/CDO (Messaging API and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1) several times with no changes to this error condition. I have even removed and re-installed the Retrospect Client with no change in condition. 7/15/2010 8:25:07 AM: 5 execution errors Total duration: 02:34:10 (00:17:28 idle/loading/preparing) T-4: Create MAPI session failed: Exchange MAPI/CDO may not be properly installed. NetAwakenClient: Sending Wake-on-LAN packet to MAC address 00145e5ba2cb T-4: TMapiManager::Reinitialize: Creating new MAPI session. T-4: CreateProfileAndSession: failure in CreateMsgService, win error = 0x80004005. T-4: Create MAPI session failed: Exchange MAPI/CDO may not be properly installed. T-4: TMapiManager::Reinitialize: couldn't intialize mailboxes due to a prior error. T-4: TMBVolEnum::StartEnum: MBReinitialize failed . mbrmpMkRemTrak: can't create remote tracker, error -3420 ( unknown) NetAwakenClient: Sending Wake-on-LAN packet to MAC address 00145e5ba2cb
  4. Rastor9

    MAPI Session Failed

    The biggest thing I would like to know, is WHY would I need to re-install MAPI? The system is running fine for about two weeks with no re-boots or errors and then "boom", Retrospect Errors. BTW: I had restarted the Retrospect client on the Exchange server and then the errors cleared. It seems that I have to reboot the Exchange server or restart Retrospect services to clear errors more frequently than I do for any MS Updates or patches.
  5. Exchange 2007 Agent Client backing up to server version 7.7.325, 64 bit today starts reporting T-9: Create MAPI session failed: Exchange MAPI/CDO may not be properly installed. Scanning incomplete, error -3420 (unknown). I am also getting quite regular other messages about client being "reserved" unable to access etc. Why, if the exchange server doesn't update and doesn't reboot (I have a schedule to reboot server every two weeks) do these errors start showing up until I reboot the exchange server?
  6. I cannot find where this change is to be made? Also, I can't even list individual mailboxes in retrospect now. It acts like it did before I changed the HOSTS file, Setup the RBU Account etc with all the Exchange 2007 configurations at first install. But I made no such changes to either server since last successful backup five days ago.
  7. I have Exchange 2007 SP2 with CAS, MB, and Hub roles running on it. Retrospect (64 Bit) running on a separate server with a working client and Exchange Server Add-On installed and working normally. I reboot the Exchange server, and now my Retrospect console won't show the individual mailboxes, and when it tries to update them it reports that it can't access the boxes and then prompts for the RBU account credentials. The Mailbox and Public Folder storage databases back up as well as the system drive just fine. Individual mailboxes will not backup. Any clues? :devil:
  8. Found the files, but there should be a better way to recover from a "corrupted" Retrospect config file than having to COMPLETELY rebuild all the scripts and backup settings. What is corrupting this file? Why can't it be recovered?
  9. I have the same issue but with a Windows 2008 Server. There isn't an "all users" folder. where would these files be saved?