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  1. Does anybody know a quick way to change the preferred NIC that Retrospect server uses, for a series of clients? We now have to change all clients one at the time and I was wondering if there is an easier way. Besides that, does anybody know how to change the "default" NIC? After driver updates for the NIC's for our server it now thinks the iSCSI NIC is the "default"... We (still) use 7.6.123 Multi Server.
  2. I agree. It would be preferable if the core product would be less buggy/problematic than it is at this time. I can understand the marketing decision to support multiple languages and what extra business that brings potentially. However it would be a waste if the core product is not up to spec and the whole multi language operation hinders the improvements that the core product -really- needs. Besides that, it's going to be interesting to see what's going to happen with non-english speaking forum visitors. They are going to need mods with those language skills as well. Or maybe Robin is fluent in a lot of languages and we just don't know! :teeth: Talking about Robin. I still find it absolutely fantastic he regularly responds to questions on this forum. Most companies don't give that kind of support and I think the fact EMC provides this is something commendable. So besides all the complaints he gets every day on this forum I like to say thanks to Robin for his continuing presence and support. :thanks:
  3. Oops, of course I meant "iPhone App". Not "iPhone":...
  4. Ramon88

    Client File Size Limit

    Too bad this is one of those things that takes a while to test. At least it will be relatively quick to HDD. I checked the Quantum SuperLoader but used the "2" after "SDLT" ;-) As it appears it's supported, so I suspect the client. But you'll never know. At least you'll know for sure then. Another test you could do is to copy that huge file to a windows based client and try to back it up again. That would eliminate another factor.
  5. Ramon88

    Client File Size Limit

    I've checked if we have such large files laying around, but we have not. It could be a problem with the client version of Retrospect, I'm not really sure because I do not have any experience with the Linux client. As far as I can see your tape drive isn't in the supported devices list. This might be the reason of the problem. Is it possible to make a test backup to local HDD storage? That way you can eliminate one factor.
  6. I for one like to have the iPhone. Can't use it yet, because we do not use the Mac version of Retrospect. But according to the App Store it will be supported in the future. Personally I rather not have the devs work on multiple languages at this time. English is fine for me. But the marketing dept probably has researched this. After all it is important EMC makes enough money to remain competitive. But I do agree bug fixes would be more important atm...
  7. Ramon88

    Client File Size Limit

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to answer your question, but I recommend you post more detailed info about what client OS and Retrospect client version you have used. What kind of backup storage do you use?
  8. Ramon88

    Best Practice question

    We are still running our boxes with 7.6.123 Multi Server. Stability is important for us and we think there are still a couple of bugs in 7.7 to be ironed out by EMC (which they will eventually do). The only reason WE would have for switching to 7.7 is better client side Windows 7 compatibility. 7.6.123 does have a couple of issues with Windows 7 clients, but we can still live with that as the alternative of switching to 7.7, at this time, probably will give us more problems. Keep us posted if that Dell engineer makes a difference.
  9. Ramon88

    Best Practice question

    We do not have dual disc redundancy activated. This is because, when we initially set up the unit, some people on the Drobo forum reported problems when having that activated. Can't really confirm that though. We figured we didn't need double protection for a backup that is, in our case, already a mirror for another backup server. And the source data was on a double RAID already. But that's just our case... Did I mention we also transfer data from the DroboPro to an LTO4 drive and keep all that in three geographically different locations? *L* We just keep a spare disk next to the unit and thus can replace a disk very quickly. This yields an extra 2TB capacity. To save money you could put WD15EADS 1.5TB HDD's in the unit instead of the 2TB version. These are quite a lot cheaper and have the same performance and specs (apart from the capacity). If you need at least 6TB of real life storage, get eight of these. Put seven in the unit and keep one as a spare. You now have one slot free for future expansion. You might want to test that spare on a testing rig beforehand. I've had DOA's in the past and it's better to know that when buying. Seven 1.5 TB drives yields ±8.2 TB useable storage. Times ±70% means you'll almost have that 6TB of 'fast' storage. It's not really crawling at 70%. It's just quicker when its about empty. We never did extensive performance testing to get this clear. It's just what we see when using Retrospect. It gets slower when it fills up. But it is no problem for us. I heard 3TB drives will be available later this year. Not sure if DroboPro will support these. That would be quite interesting. But probably (relatively) expensive. On a sidenote, there are quicker options out there, and even more advanced ones, like some Thecus models. What WE like about Drobo is its simplicity. Their engineers only have to concentrate on it being an iSCSI target. Nothing else (The Thecus and similar are complete media servers with a lot of 'goodies'). It's probably a product Steve Jobs could have created: "It just works". However, if you need performance, there are better products on the market, but they are also more sophisticated and more expensive... But sometimes, depending on what you actually want to do with it, they may be a better choice. For US the DroboPro as a Retrospect storage target works like a charm.
  10. Ramon88

    Best Practice question

    Not really, We still really like the unit as storage target for Retrospect. We were planning to upgrade to the 1.1.5 firmware (currently using 1.1.3) but the system engineer has been busy with other stuff, so it's not high on our priority list. Usually we run between 1 to 3 execution units at the same time. More is not really efficient. But keep in mind we use encryption for all our backups, so that has something to do with it too. This Retrospect server (we use a couple) is quite powerful with 24GB RAM and two quad core Xeon E5520's (That means 16 HT 'cores' for the OS). It also has four server grade network ports that we all use. We were thinking of taking a look at the new Drobo Elite. But is is quite expensive compared to the Pro (about 2,5 times as much - but that is cheap for a SAN). It has two network interfaces instead of one and can provide multiple LUNs instead of just one (apparently 16 according to the specs). Quite possible it has superior concurrency performance. But so far we have not been able to obtain a test unit. In the end I think the Elite is too expensive for usage as a Retrospect storage target. Retrospect in its current incarnation is not really taxing the server hardware, so in al honesty I don't think you'll improve much with such an investment when the bottleneck is Retrospect itself. What IS interesting is the fact that SAN grade storage will become very cheap in the foreseeable future. All this because of the magic of consumer grade equipment evolution starting to touch the lower spectrum of enterprise grade equipment. The same has happened with, for example, 3D video hardware and video equipment. Some consumer video camera's now exceed pro specs from a couple of years ago. The magic of numbers can do that. Still an afterthought... When the DroboPro fills up, we see performance degradation as well. So to avoid that we made sure to add as much capacity HDD's was needed to keep it between 50-70% of our storage needs. And I didn't get it if using 1.1.5. firmware improved or degraded concurrency performance for you.
  11. In that case we/you can only hope Robin Mayoff will spot this thread and deem it to be a bug. That custom config thing is a bit a grey area in their support. It might be broken, but EMC needs to be (made) aware of that first. did anybody try their official support already?
  12. Ramon88

    Feature quereis for Retrospect 7.7 for Windows

    Retrospect generates an MD5 digest of the read files when doing the backup and rereads the stored data and matches the MD5 hash. This way the source does not need to be reread. This is quite reliable. The other option is to have Retrospect do a reread of all the source data after the backup and it will match that data one-on-one. This is the most reliable method, but will double backup time. Personally I would stick with the MD5-method. But if you need almost 100% reliability instead of 99,9999999% (or so) you can use the second method.
  13. Ramon88

    Feature quereis for Retrospect 7.7 for Windows

    Quite true, at least if you do not put 2TB drives in there. Well, even then it would 'lie' I suppose, because of the space lost due to the redundant information that needs to be stored. But this all, at least as far as it concerns Drobo, is by design. Real capacity can be monitored by use of the Drobo Dashboard software and the LED indicators on front of the unit. But indeed Retrospect would not be aware of the capacity. One could however limit a disk based backup set to a fixed (maximum) amount of storage and thus avoiding real life capacity overrun. We do that all the time.
  14. Yup, these are called "external USB DVD enclosures". You will either need a SATA or PATA version, depending on the drive's bus. I'm not sure if Retrospect will work correct with such a device though. Maybe somebody else has the answer to that. Btw... Storage on optical media like CD-R and DVD-R is convenient and relatively cheap. But, the downside is real life media life. It is quite possible you will get read errors after a couple of years of storage. Tape and even HDD have a FAR longer archive life span.
  15. Ramon88

    Feature quereis for Retrospect 7.7 for Windows

    An option like C would be a bit difficult for most real life scenarios. If you are backing up a network of clients Retrospect has the scan and compare all clients before starting the backup process itself. That would be the only way it can know the capacity needed for the storage of the data to be backed up.
  16. Ramon88

    RetroLaunch Service

    Thanks Robin, are you by any chance able to tell us an estimated eta for the next release?
  17. Though both of you are willing it to work the fact is if it doesn't work with custom configuration it most likely will not work... ever It's because EMC does not support the drives in question. So they are kind of saying if it's not in the supported devices database and you can't get it to work with the custom configurator you're out of luck. If you need an optical drive that works, you better get one from the supported devices list... The above mentioned doesn't mean I agree with EMC's apparent policy regarding the support of the devices in question. It's rather my interpretation of similar posts on this forum regarding more or less the same subject.
  18. Both GH22NS50 and DH16AAL seem to be unsupported in the Device Support Information/Database...
  19. Ramon88

    Retrospect 7.6 Problems

    1) Software data compression effects your server's CPU load. However it should be supported in future versions of Retrospect. We use Encryption on all our backups, so it is not efficient/possible to use data compression at the same time. In real life data compression does not yield too much storage space benefits, so we do not use it. 2) I do not understand this issue. You need to provide more details. Better make it a separate thread. 3) You need to provide far more details. Also see my remark above (2). Is this client a Windows 7 machine? 4) We see this error only with our Windows 7 clients... It could be you have a problematic network switch. Please provide your exact Retrospect subversion (for example 7.6.123) for both server and clients.
  20. We use RDP. Works like a charm. There is even an official Microsoft RDP client for OSX. As the RDP client is already built into Windows it's probably the easiest to implement.
  21. Others are reporting this error as well.
  22. According to the system requirements page Windows Server 2008 R2 is supported.
  23. Okay, that should be enough... What kind of backup target for the storage set do you use? Is it possible to use another storage system to test? Btw, we backup a lot of files (in the millions) for some of our clients as well and don't see this problem (using 7.6.123). So I'm interested because we may want to upgrade to 7.7.
  24. Hmm, strange... Keep us posted. Btw, how much RAM does your Retrospect system have?
  25. You indeed seem to have a supported system... And 2008 R2 should be supported by 7.7 as well... Did you already give support a call?