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  1. Oh well, #sigh I have a few Macs. All on WIFi All on DHCP They have to be this way, because they roam from office-to-office, client-to-client, home-to-work-to-home ... like laptops do. The error -530 and associated -519 has be around in almost every version of retrospect I have used for the past 20 years. I can never find the solution, apart from a full client reinstall, and I can not be doing that every week TBH! Is there ever going to be a stable answer? Each Mac, Client and Server has no firewall or anti-virus FYI. The fixed desktop Laptops that do not leave the office have no issues. The laptops returning to the office login automatically to the WIFI and have no network issues for everyday work; email, www, ftp, server shares, printing ... what so ever. Server: Mac OSX 10.11.6 Client: OSX 10.12.6 Retrospect 13.5 Please don't say 'upgrade to the latest version of Retrospect or I may have to slap you :-) That has never been an answer to this issue.
  2. This problem has suddenly just started for me too :-( NetConnMax: :Setup: version too old 0xa34980 Retrospect 9.0.2 (107) OSX 10.10.5 With this setup has has worked perfectly for months FYI.
  3. Here is a Strange one... My emails have stopped arriving from Retrospect. When I look at a Test email sent from Retrospect it says 5th January at 00:00 [no year] When I check the Mac Server Retrospect is on, and my receiving Mac, and Email App, the dates are correct. I have checked with the Data Centre on my VPS that hosts the email Account used and that is also correct. Where might this date issue be coming from, and why cant I now see/receive emails from this one server. [i expect the date is filing the email somewhere deep on my email App instead of at the top; I sort/read emails by date sent FYI] Other Mac Servers with the same version of Retrospect are AOK. Retrospect 9.0.2 OSX 10.10.5.latest
  4. Retrospect 9.0.2 (107) Mac OSX Server 10.10.5 Mac Pro 24GB Ram Loads'o HD = 30TB of Various Int & Ext Drives In the last few months, Retrospect has started ejecting the newest* external 8TB GRAID HD after Script runs. The other 8TB GRAIDs are not ejected. We have replaced the Drive* twice in case it was faulty ... it is not, been RTM'd and proven AOK. I have checked all the Scripts and none have Eject Media or such selected. We have two similar setups in two other offices in the UK and they are rock-solid with no such issue. Where else might I look for the issue please? Thanks, James.
  5. :-) Yes, I did RTFM first and tried many options before asking ...
  6. So, I.T. have changed our Network setup, again ... We now have 3 network ranges within our company; ... 255 fixed wired ethernet desktops ... 255 fixed wired ethernet servers ... 255 wifi laptops Users could be on any of these. subnet for all Retropsect Server is on So I need to lock-on and track the Retrospect Clients for Mac Desktops or Laptops across these IP ranges using my Retrospect Server for ac OSX Server. Can I do this? Some setup in Retrospect->Preferences-?Network ? Thanks for you help, Mac OSX Desktops 10.10 to 10.12 Mac OSX Server 10.11.6 Retrospect Server for Mac 12.5.0 (111)
  7. Hi, I have the Reseller NFR License for v12.x Multi-Server for Mac OSX. Today I have the error "Your license has expired (-682)" I am thinking this is some system error or something, as the NFR is forever ... Any ideas please how to solve this glitch? NFR* = Not For Resale
  8. SYNC Folders

    Think it is going AOK ATM :-) Thank you as always Lennart ! :-)
  9. Retrospect v9.0.2 Mac OSX 10.10.5 I have a Source Folder with Job Folders in ... I have a Destination Folder with Job Folders in ... I want Retrospect to only Copy the most recent, changed, up-to-date versions of Files from the Source Folder to the Destination Folder. In other words, update the Destination Folder with the Source Folders content. Some Files in the Destination Folders will be overwritten with never versions. Some Folders in the Destination Folder will be untouched. Some Folders In the Destination Folder will be newly created as they are not originally in the Destination Folder. Nothing will be deleted from the Source Folder. SO ... What Script should I use? Can I manually OK it before it Runs? Thank you, JamesR
  10. Mac Systems OSX Server 10.10.5 Mac Pro with Retrospect Server unlimited 9.0.2 MacBook Pro 10.10.5 with Retrospect Client I have Installed and Uninstall Clients until I am blue in the face :-( I never get the opportunity after an install to set the password ... I have used the Uninstall Script to remove the Client each time. I have rebooted too.. I have reset the password using CMD-Click on Retrospect in System Prefs to get to the Advanced TAB in the Retrospect Sys Prefs, and reset the password .. to no avail. It will not match the password on the Server to the Client I attached a ScreenShot to illustrate. Thanks for your help and suggestions :-)
  11. Mac Mini 2015 OSX Server 10.10.5.latest Retrospect 12.0.2(116) Network Backups have stopped, again. Local machine backups, disc-to-disc, work fine. When I go to Add Sources, it shows no Clients at all on the network. If I test a Client, it sees it OK. I can ping Clients on their IP's. If I add Client Directly I get an error... [see screenshots please] I have tried various [new and old and current] DNS setups to no avail. I have uninstalled and then reinstalled the Clients. I have reinstalled the retrospect Engine on the Server too. What could be the issue ? Thank you, James R
  12. I have emailed JC to ask if this can be made a New Feature in Retrospect. The ability to know how much data is to be backed up next would be excellent IMO :-)
  13. Is there anyway to get an estimate or report on how much data will be backed up on the next run of the Script? (which is about now, not days or weeks away as I know it will have changed by them as files get modified...) In this case it is a Tape backup. Thank you. Retrospect 9.0.2 OSX 10.6.8 MacPro QUAD
  14. OK, thank you, I was confused as I expect September at the Top and the other later dates Below ... They all seem out of order, even if I re-order the lists by clicking the column titles ...